Less then 2 weeks until HiveFest: Closing dinner location, last names, call for artworks for NFTShowroom Art Alley and ⚠️ ticket price rises on friday 9th.

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Rowing boats on the River Amstel, in style of Piet Mondriaan, red color theme

Wowzers. We see each other in less then 2 weeks! Psyched, stoked!
The program has been completed. The final schedule will be out soon. Speakers and performers have been informed. But still some stuff to reveal...

Starting with closing dinner... Not perse something to look out for, as it means the end of the 4 day huddle up of the brady bunch called HiveFest, is coming nigh.

For this one I found a cosy venue on the river Amstel, namely the Royal Amsterdam Rowing & Sail Association "The Hope". Founded in 1848, the foundation has about 1000 members. Their official homebase, floating on the river Amstel, offers magnificent yet calm views on the river. In the city centre, close to the Volkshotel and has been fully renovated on 2009. If the weather stays nice, we can enjoy some outdoor drinks, followed by closing dinner.

After the dinner and bites we head out back to where it all started: Volkshotel. Here I have reserved the top-floor "Petite Canvas" (on the 7th floor) for us, with a private terrace and bar, with royal views of Amsterdam to close down HiveFest 2022 in style and make plans for the coming winter.

Some last names added to the program:

  • @edb with an interesting talk about Hybrid Delegation
  • Ajay from Dimitra.io will share their projects and look how to integrate with Hive

Last minute Call for artworks for HiveFest Art Alley:

During conference day 1 in Eye Filmmuseum there will be a one day pop-up art alley. For this art gallery there are 22 spots to be given to promote and share your artwork.

If you want to be considered to be part of this pop-up art gallery, all you have to do is supply your artwork via this form before coming Friday 9 September, (highest resolution) https://forms.gle/hWg69aLdJoDi551i7

If you share your artwork which is currently on sale, we can add a QR "Buy Me Now" link to the print too!

Friday 9 September: pre-sale closes, last minute / last week ticket price will be higher.

Catering needs to know the amount of people one week in advance, so they can plan staff accordingly, and buy enough food / drinks. It is really a costly pain in the ass to change amounts of attendance last minute. So to force you to book your HiveFest ticket and have me confirm the final numbers of attendance, I ask you to book your ticket right now, or being ok to pay up extra after coming friday 9th.


That is it for now, later this week some final infos for attendees.
All rewards go to @HiveFest via beneficiaries

See you in Amsterdam,


yall have fun!

exciting times! :)

Can't wait. 😎 See you all in two weeks! Cheers! !BEER

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Yay! 🤗
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I live in Amsterdam and no way I will miss this. :)
Tomorrow buying ticket. Looking forward to meeting a whole lot of people and some friends too.

It's going to be very fun there in Amsterdam where the hiveans would gather for a hivefeast 2022. This edition has promised to be amazing and lots of art work would be showcased how I wish there would a channel for live streaming that would be awesome.

Catering needs to know the amount of people one week in advance, so they can plan staff accordingly, and buy enough food / drinks. It is really a costly pain in the ass to change amounts of attendance last minute.

Changing plans overnight always come with lots of difficulties therefore booking early enough gives the organizers the best ground to solidly plan and at the end, all participants would have a sweet moments understanding that feast without adequate food and drink provisions won't give the event its desired popularity and style.
Success in anticipation #hivefeast2022

I am an artist, I would like to participate. I would choose some of my artwork to send, it would be great to be there, although not physically. ♥

Wonferful. That is so amazing buddy

Oh I will try to send something. I do not have prints now but would love to be at the gallery. Aww everybody have fun 😊😊😊💕

There is so little time left for this great event. I feel a great emotion and that I Will not attend 😁

See you all...

I just won a ticket for hivefest and i thought maybe i could gift it to your friend and you could go together And change your head , it would be positive for you two , even though it is a very sensitive time .

I am not sure if he wants to go or not, Thank you for the offer...I will talk to him...

I wish everyone who's going this time a great time (which I know you will have). I'm sick to my stomach that I can't make it this time around but will be there next year for sure. I'll just sit in my corner and cry for a few days while you're having all the fun LOL.

I can't waiiiit!!

I don't have the flight ticket nor is the hotel booked, but I won the ticket! 😁

One thing at a time. I'm looking for a flight right now...

Does anybody with a free sofa or something? 🙏

I'm going to make it somehow and I can't wait to meet you all, learn from you and interview everyone with a ton of questions that I have had 😇


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I'm so sorry we won't be making it @roelandp. Thanks for all the hard work you're putting into this (as usual). I know it's going to be an epic weekend.

I had a thought yesterday about a "decentralized HiveFest", where there's a physical gathering on each continent during the same weekend with live feeds connecting each. Raymi and I would still try to make it to the main one in Amsterdam but it might be easier/less costly for people to get to the event(s) that way. It might get some good MSM press coverage as well. I can't think, offhand, of any other platform that's done it. Just a random idea.

Anyway, all the best. I know you're probably getting very little sleep in the weeks leading up to the event. Take care my friend.

If you want to be considered to be part of this pop-up art gallery, all you have to do is supply your artwork via this form before coming Friday 9 September, (highest resolution)

Is this for anyone, or only those there? And is it free to participate?

I hope you guys have a wonderful time 🙌

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I will be from my seat waiting for the post of such a great event. d the largest on the platform. I hope you can have a lot of fun I hope one day I can go

She is so beautiful , didnt say if we can present some NSFW art ?

I wish I could join this HIVE FES 😀👏 Are there any events we can join online using an avatar too?
🥦 !BBH !BBER 🥦

@roelandp! Your Content Is Awesome so I just sent 1 $BBH (Bitcoin Backed Hive) to your account on behalf of @mizuosemla. (8/50)

I wanted to send my art, they are already closed, in my country it is September 9, I did not realize the time change.

it will be next year.
Thank you

There are 4 hours left according to the Post, but the form is already closed


Cyborg Hive, was inspired by HiveFest 2022, organized by @roelandp

Cyborg Hive by eve66.jpg
This Art was created inspired by HiveFest 2022.

It will be for next year that you can participate in the art gallery, do not arrive on time, the form is already closed.

Thank you

I will put it up for sale on September 15

And is the music or speech 🎤 message for TDC music still needed @roelandp ?