@heiditravels, and @ned get portraits, drawed by me for them!

in #art4 years ago

I was had not an opportunity to visit a SteemFest... But im not upset!
So why?

Hi, friends!

Maybe you remember how me, @vi1son, @sompitonov, @grumlin and @celebr1ty
trying to collect funds to visit a SteemFest.

So it happens with your, guys, helping and @roelandp 's help (thanks a lot for that!)

So my best friends is go to visit at SteemFest, but me - not...
Im not only a artist, also im working an Engineer of Oil Refining, and I was not allowed to leave the workplace, even for 2 days...

But im not upset!

Because with my friends to Amsterdam I send a portraits of @heiditravel, @ned and @dan!
I'm so glad whenever the person, who was drawed by me in my post, is seen my art (comment or upvote)!
And im glad more if they get my art!

Heidi get my art :)

Thats how looks portrait closer

And this art @sompitonov and @vi1son gave to @ned!

(But @ned was busy to take a photo - but its okay, he get it, and its wonderful!)

And im sooooo happy now :)

Thanks for reading! Sorry for my English!

For Steemit


Thanks a lot!

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