Some of my 2018 NTFs available on the secondary market

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Miss you guys at Hive. I have not been posting much this year; not because I have not been working, but because after being exposed to so much great art my standards have changed and I only want to share finished pieces that live up to them.

I have had work up for sale in my Makersplace store since 2018, and I am recently realizing their worth due to age and pricing. You can bid on this piece on the secondary market here If you have the means show some love they have been supporting a lot of artists work and will likely support more. This is a piece of a drawing from a book I was trying to create back then.

To learn more about me; here is an interview I did with Makersplace founder Dannie Chu back in 2018.


I know, I'm repeating myself, but I love your work and I think for the quality of it and the fact, that you were the first artist on MP you deserve all the attention you can possibly get! Looks like my collection is becoming quite valuable all of a sudden ;-) Go Twirble!!!

Thank you, the quality of your own work is one I strive for. I hope it sells that would be incredible.

Hello both of you @reinhard-schmid and @twirble been away a bit but still working hard (on Youtube) and making sure to keep up with art. I miss all of you. Heavens, isn't it funny how quickly ETH has shot up.

Me too. Can your link me to your most used social media so I can make sure I am following and you are in my algorythmn?

So many changes, can't believe how time is flying by, and I can hardly keep up.

how much does it cost to post art on makersplace?

The Etherium gas prices are really high right now; so you might consider NFT Showroom if you can’t get into Makersplace.

Etherium gas prices were high when I last check; like 40-50 dollars

100 ($159,830.50)
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No, thank you.
That is an unbeliaveably lot of money.
I like art, but this is for millionaires.

By the way, the website is currently showing $160,770.19, so it is went even more up.

No the price of etherium went up. It is being sold for that much because it is from 2018

I respect that.