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Digital art made by @xpilar

Outer Space 10 serie 33 A.jpg

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A space ship.

Daniel was on the beach with a group of friends enjoying the majestic nature, the sea was serene, the sand felt so soft, the full moon in the distance adorning the sky covered with small stars. It was a perfect moment until a great silver ship appeared in the sky, breaking the tranquility of the young people.
He approached the group, opened a circular door and sucked Daniel and shut the door.
Little by little it was rising to the starry sky.
Daniel's friends were screaming but it only looked like the spaceship was going up.


Daniel was really scared and from a small window he saw his friends as little by little they got smaller and smaller.
Daniel did not know why, because if it was a group they only took him.
But being in the night sky appeared a beautiful woman, the owner of the spaceship. That when looking at him he only told him that he had a lot of time observing him that he loved him with madness and that he wanted a moment alone with him, that he wanted to be perfect, that he was not afraid that he would return him to the beach.
Daniel was shocked, had so many questions, could talk for hours, Daniel was delighted by this great woman and were in repeating that moment.

thanks for your story @jdbs

Golden City. The New Empire.

Great magnates of the world have managed to gather their immense wealth and gather them to create what would be the new world fortress called Golden City. This wealthy society has met the objectives of centralizing the multi-million dollar accounts of the richest and keeping them away from the possible boom of emerging countries.

Ciudad Dorada is made up of rooms with gold, silver and steel structures, as well as the most advanced lighting and security systems. The magnates agreed on the creation of a bank to control the assets of each member of this millionaire society, in addition to electing a president each year for this city and thus promote the participation of its members for the maximization of wealth.

The World Bank has recognized the negative impact that the centralization and polarization of the management of this financial resource has, since it accounts for 80% of the world's financial assets.

Ciudad Dorada is a fortress that has cost 200 billion dollars, there is nothing like it on Earth. Some critics deduce that this majestic investment could counter hunger and cure many diseases worldwide.

cinta do.JPG

Ciudad Dorada. El Nuevo Imperio.

Grandes magnates del mundo han logrado reunir sus inmensas riquezas y juntarlas para crear lo que sería la nueva fortaleza mundial llamada Ciudad Dorada. Esta sociedad adinerada ha cumplido con los objetivos de centralizar la multimillonarias cuentas de los más ricos y alejarla del posible auge de paises emergentes.

Ciudad Dorada esta constituidad por habitaciones con estructuras de oro, plata y acero, además cuenta con el sistema más avanzado de iluminación y seguridad. Los magnates pactaron la conformación de un banco para controlar los activos de cada miembro de esta millonaria sociedad, además elegirán un presidente cada año para esta ciudad y así promover la participación de sus integrantes para la maximización de la riqueza.

El Banco Mundial ha reconocido el impacto negativo que tiene la centralización y polarización del manejo de este recurso financiero, pues significa el 80 % de los bienes financieros a nivel mundial.

Ciudad Dorada es una fortaleza que ha costado 200 billones de dolares, no existe nada igual en la Tierra. Algunos criticos deducen que con esta majestuosa inversión se podría contrarrestar el hambre y la cura de muchas enfermedades a nivel mundial.

An omen is taking place in the sands of ancient Egypt, in the valley of the kings a thunderous event is alerting the community, all the ground trembles, the sands harden as an accumulation of pyramids emerge from the subsoil.

The stars light up one after the other. The land of the Pharaoh has returned from the darkness, the fire of the catacombs melted the hidden gold and joined the dusty sands of the desert to make them solid and stronger. The tombs flash an incandescent glow showing the rebirth of the temple mummies announcing the arrival of the Pharaoh.


Un presagio se está llevando a cabo en las arenas del antiguo Egipto, en el valle de los reyes un acontecimiento estruendoso está alertando a la comunidad, todo el suelo tiembla, se endurecen las arenas mientras un cumulo de piramides emergen del subsuelo.

Las estrellas se van encendiendo una tras otra. La tierra del Faraon ha vuelto de las tinieblas, el fuego de las catacumbas derritieron el oro escondido y se unió a las arenas polvorientas del desierto para hacerlas sólidas y más fuertes. Las tumbas destellan un brillo incandescente mostrando el renacer de las momias del templo anunciando la llegada del Faraon.

thanks for your great story @adeljose

Hi Snr. @xpilar

Once upon the time, when a worrier leader betray his fellow men in the war of Akinlogun. A warrior leader called Jegede, he was a great man who has fought many battles and won this make people to believe and trust both his ability and skills as regards the war is concerned.

Jegede has fought many war and conquer them, people use to hire him to join them in facing opposition, Jegede went to a certain war which almost lose his life he was rescued by his so called warrior and a stranger who met them while they were running back home, the stranger offered him first aid and Jegede get well, but as they get closer home Warrior Leader fainted, in an hurry they rushed him to the stranger who once help him, this stranger tried all he could to bring back Jegede to live, but all his efforts was fruitlessly, eventually this stranger went to met someone to come wake Jegede but unfortunately he couldn't met the person at home.

This stranger return home and found Jegede came back alive, he felt so happy seen him back alive. Jegede appreciated this stranger asking him to ask whatever he wants from him. This stranger told him he will get back to him in few days to name his prize. A man called Akinlogun is big river to Jegede was around hidden to hear every conversation between Warrior Leader (Jegede) and the stranger. Having said by warrior leader Jegede to Stranger to ask whatever we want, Akinlogun want to used the medium to penetrate in order to become most powerful warrior at their time.

Three days later, Stranger went with a bulk of gold box and others treasure to meet Warrior Leader (Jegede), Warrior Jegede was wondering who could that be, when they get closer it turn to be Stranger, Jegede welcome him warmly, order for food and drinks to entertain Stranger, while they were discussing, stranger order some few people who came with him to bring in the box containing gold and other treasures, Jegede was shocked to see those treasures, Stranger requested for hundreds of warrior to fight a battle for him, Warrior Leader (Jegede) couldn't rejected the offer because of gold and treasure's, he agreed and granted the Stranger wishes. Warrior leader (Jegede) instrust about five hundred worrier to go with Stranger and he told them "A must to obey whatever the stranger command them".

They departed from there with about five hundred warriors, Akinlogun and Stranger gangs against warrior Jegede, the Stranger on the other hand command those five hundred warriors to keep watching a place, while Akinlogun with his multitude of warriors has already wage war against Jegede, Akinlogun won the battle and while Jegede was finally beheaded. Jegede Warrior Leader fells in the battle field while his warrior end become Someone else warrior.

There is a saying that not all that glitters is gold. Jegede fell into Stranger traps as a result of greediness and bad leader's trait.

Hope you like the illustration about your digital art designs.

Thanks for your.


thanks for your description / story @davidad

You are welcome Snr @xpilar

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Anti storm building

On Planet Xusambi the people already understand the natural conditions. Beautiful place but often hit by storms. storms often occur at night because the air pressure sometimes changes extreme so that the storm seed accumulates from the equatorial area.
Awareness of this condition made them immediately construct a building that kept them from emerging victims.
A building structure that can be lowered underground so that at night the building is practically invisible. What was seen was only the roof of the building that was level with the ground so that when the storm did not collapse there were buildings because all of them had entered the underground bunker.
When all buildings in bunkers on the ground only look neat urban planning patterns. The streets and the landscape of all cities will look so beautiful, but there is no human creativity there so it looks so quiet.
They have been able to utilize hydraulic technology that allows the house to be raised back to the surface when the conditions are safe.
Initially they made a synthetic wood frame house construction that could significantly improve hurricane resistance. Crystal glass, like the type used in cars, will not break as standard glass. When a window breaks out from strong winds, the house can be stressed when the wind blows in, emerges from the roof and releases dangerous debris.
After going through extensive research it was found that new methods of installing new roofs could add strength, and spray foam adhesives (which were applied inside the roof of the house and multiplied as insulation) were assessed for higher wind speeds.
However, innovations continue to be made and eventually found the most practical way is to build construction that can be raised and lowered. After going through repeated trials, finally found a combination of hydraulic technology and shelter, which was further developed more fully so that all house buildings could be included in the bunker.
Since then the storm is no longer a problem for the inhabitants of the planet Xusambi.
Thank you @xpilar. I hope you accept my thought.
Warm regard from indonesia

Hello @xpilar, according to my description of the digital image you are displaying, this shows that whatever someone's dream must be achieved. even though someone's dream seems impossible to achieve. for example like a scavenger who has the dream of becoming a president. other people who listen to dreams like this will definitely laugh. and they will also say that it is impossible for a scavenger to become president.

In fact, nothing is impossible in this world. he can achieve any goal. if he keeps trying. indeed sometimes when he wants to achieve dreams, there will be many obstacles that must be overcome. it could be obstacles in the form of insults from other people, maybe he could be insulted by others, and many other things that must be passed

but whatever it is, it must still be passed. yes that's how life is. life is not easy, unlike running water. all need struggle, sacrifice, all also need processes, and strong desires. this is just my description of this digital image that you are displaying. and hopefully this motivational word is useful for other people who are struggling.

Hopefully your days are always pleasant, sir.

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thanks for your description / story @aulia1993

The mark that I am yours (poem)

On a starry night

you marked my body with passion

you filled me with fire and emotion

with iron you tattooed me and left me the mark

brand that makes me yours, yours in body and soul

Now I'm tied to you, and I follow you obediently

Now that I am yours, you can possess me day or night

with sun or moon, because with iron you marked me

You marked me and I'm only yours.

Wow that creative seems to have cast cast iron on a road in full traffic jam.

The city of gold.
Bright as sunlight, it illuminates all the space it occupies, solid and strong this growing city. Everyone admires such beauty you can not stop looking, everyone wants it no one can touch it, city of gold!

the beauty of the glowing colors of the shining sun is very nice has good art.

Your image makes me think of a metal labyrinth, full of torches to clarify points of the road, in a cold night that is full of stars

I imagine this is the buildings of gold in the space.

Wow! What a beautiful art. Really awesome. I love Your art. Thanks for share...

The land of gold, a symbol of the nation's prosperity and glory.

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Well managed wonderful civilization digital artwork perfect 👌.

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The first impression I saw this image is that they were all gold bars, what do you think if a Steem was worth it like this?!? 😃😃

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I think this is looking like an extraterrestrial civilisation in somewhere in the universe where they live and enjoy their life. These paths are roads and there is also some big city down there to the left.

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thanks for your description @arslan786

He missed his artistic work, his always curious works, full of details and color.
I like your work so nice sir @xpilar.

Wow. This image really look so great. Seems like a wonderland covered with gold tent

Hello @xpilar
Beautiful digital art my friend.
it looks like we are on another planet.
the surface of this planet is made from gold.
the sky with beautiful stars make this art awesome.
Amazing digital art my friend..
thanks for share with us have a nice day..

Good day @xpilar, arrives a ship to the outer space with the mission of transforming it into a habitable place for all living beings, in addition to building many recreation areas for the enjoyment of the whole family.

Excellent work, is a road construction project for the future where cars are moved aerially.

Golden temple on a planet

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@xpilar, I want to give this picture a Title as, The Golden Empire.

Have a wonderful time ahead and stay blessed.

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the starlight flickered in the sky

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Saludos querido @xpilar, me gusta esta imagen, visualiza una estructura metalizada a base de oro, algunos dicen que es una ciudad pero parece más bien una unidad de ataque masivo extraterrestre.

Everything looks so precious in this digital art hehe

Wonderful Art it's looking like muslim country Qatar iraq

Attractive images, the millennium is visible from its hue. The atmosphere looks glory

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in the end alien settlements have been found.

Congratulations @xpilar!
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