Introducing SteemReply - Stay in touch with your Steem network

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If you are a community manager, an influencer or if you have a large number of followers who regularly interact with you by writing comments on your posts, then you know how important it is to answer to each of them. But this daily task is also time consuming and can become quite exhausting.

Moreover, if you manage multiple accounts or work as a team to manage a community account, it can turn into nightmare if you are not well organized.

Introducing SteemReply

SteemReply will help you to manage your incoming flow of comments with a dedicated, non-distracting interface.

You won’t anymore miss to reply to any comment because they will come into your inbox to be managed sequentially. With SteemReply, you will stay focused while dealing comments as the interface will allow you to reply and/or upvote each of them.

You will be able to manage multiple accounts.
You will be able to work as a team as your work will be synchronized across devices.

SteemReply is definitely a huge time saver!

Manage your comments easily

SteemReply will look for and display any unanswered comments you have received on your posts or on your own comments in the last 7 days.

With SteemReply, you can:

  • reply to the comment
  • reply to and upvote or downvote the comment
  • upvote or downvote the comment and mark it as processed
  • completely ignore an author, therefore filtering out all his comments

Once a comment has been processed, it will disappear from your inbox and you will be ready to process the next one.


SteemReply will never ask or store any of your credentials. Instead, SteemReply relies on Steem Keychain, a browser extension created by @yabapmatt and @stoodkev. For more information about Steem Keychain, read this post.

You can download and install the latest published version of the extension for the following browsers:

Quick tour

To use SteemReply, go to

First, you will have to identify yourself:

If your Steem Kechain wallet is not unlocked, you will have to unlock it

Keychain will then ask you if you allow the website to check if your wallet contains your posting key. SteemReply performs this check because your posting key will be used later to send your replies, and eventually do upvotes/downvotes, on the blockchain.

If you want to avoid this popup window to appears each time you access SteemReply, you can safely check the checkbox before clicking CONFIRM.

SteemReply will load your unanswered comments and display them in an “inbox” style window.​

On the toolbar, you will see:

  1. The name of the active user.
  2. A basket icon with the number of comments waiting for an answer. Click on this icon to refresh the content of your inbox.
  3. A sort icon, to switch the sort order of your comment. The default sort order is to display oldest comment first. Your choice will be persisted between sessions.

The left pane shows a list of all comments. Each comment box shows:

  1. The name of the author and its reputation. If you click on it, SteemReply will open its profile in a new tab.
  2. The date and time of the comment
  3. A red cross. Clicking on it will discard the comment, i.e. it will no more appears in the list.
  4. A small icon. Clicking on it open the comment on in a new tab
  5. A quick overview of the comment content.

The right pane show the selected comment details and allow you to manage it.

  1. If the selected comment is a reply to one of your comment, your comment will be displayed on top of if so you know what you wrote without opening the comment on
    Your name is clickable and allows you to open your profile in a new tab.
  2. The name of the author and its reputation. If you click on it, SteemReply will open its profile in a new tab.
  3. If you click on the Ignore author button, this comment will be removed from the list as all other comment from the same author and you will never see comments from this author anymore.
  4. A small icon. Clicking on it open the comment on in a new tab

Under the comment, there is a “vote zone” with a Voting Power slider several quick VP select buttons.

You can select a positive value to upvote the comment, or a negative one to downvote the comment. SteemReply will memorize your last Voting Power from comments to comments and from sessions to session.

The last box is where you will write your answer:

You can click on the preview link (1) to toggle the display of a preview pane on the right of your comment.

Below the comment input box, there are several button (2).
The first one contains the name of the commenter. Clicking on it will insert it at the cursor position in the input box.

Then you will find a few emojis that you can also insert in your answer. I plan to add a complete emojis selector later.

Finally you have 3 “actions” buttons:

  1. Reply will sent your answer on the steem blockchain
  2. **Reply and Vote” will sent your answer on the steem blockchain and vote on the comment using the selected Voting Power.
  3. Vote will vote using the selected Voting Power (without any answer).

When you click on one of these buttons, the comment will be removed from your inbox and considered as processed.

The first time you will reply and/or vote with SteemReply, your Steem Keychain browser extension will display a popup windows and ask your authorization to perform the required action:

To avoid being annoyed by such popup each time you perform an action, you can safely check the checkbox before clicking CONFIRM.

SteemReply can manage multiple accounts

To add another account, logout the application and redo the registration process with the account you want to add.

From then, SteemReply will remember all accounts you have used.

To quickly switch from one account to another, click on the active usename on the toolbar and select another account.

The next time you will access Steemreply, you will be automatically logged on with the last used account.

Development roadmap

Here are the features I plan to implement in the next releases:

  • Support for your favorite Steem blockchain client
  • Registered account management
  • Ignored author management
  • Full emojis selector
  • Predefined customizable answers templates
  • List all the comments / posts where you are mentioned
  • Tour of the application (tour.js)
  • Night mode
    … and much more !

Let me know what you like or dislike and I will do my best to improve it. Any suggestion or constructive feedback is more than welcome.

Credits and support

This tool has been greatly inspired by Fast-reply made on long time ago by @oroger. Unfortunately, his project was no more working nor maintained. Moreover, it used SteemConnect for authentication, and being a security paranoid, I always have been reluctant to provide my credentials to third party apps. Therefore, I have rewritten and improved the app to support Steem Keychain and post HF20 new fonctionnalites.

I made a lot of cookies and tea disappear while rewriting the app. Therefore, any donation to replenish both boxes are welcome. A donate button is available in the top-right menu. Feel free to use it to support this new project.

If you like this tool, please talk about it to your Steem friends.

Get started, it's free!

Go to and stay in touch with your fellow Steemians!

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Support me and my work for the Steem community.

Vote for me as a witness!


This sounds incredibly useful!!! It’s so easy to lose track of comments and replies... I’m defintely going to check this out and let you know if I have any feedback. Cheers!

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I'm pretty sure you will find it useful.
I test use it for days now, including as a team with our new "communication manager" for @steemitboard,
I wouldn't go to the old days I hadn't this tool.

Waiting for your feedback 🙄
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Damn I just worked through about 70 comments and I had missed SO MANY and it was SO FAST. Also the 'Reply and Vote'. YOU CHANGED MY LIFE! This is awesome. It works perfectly.

The only very small thing I noticed was that while I was replying new comments came in (I saw on Gina ;-)) and they didn't automatically appear on the bottom of the list, I had to refresh the browser. But that is minor stuff - I'm really very very impressed and will definitely use this a lot! Thanks!
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Thank you @soyrosa for such a positive feedback. Makes warm at heart 😊

new comments came in (I saw on Gina ;-)) and they didn't automatically appear on the bottom of the list

Yes, this is something already in my todo-list and I will improve it later (maybe some kind of auto-refresh)
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You're welcome! :D Auto-refresh is not even necessary as long as there is a 'number' somewhere that says 'refresh for 3 new comments' or something like that :-)

PS: One other tiny thing I would love is to have the 'Posted with SteemReply' aligned to the bottom right. I love how you made it small and subtle but it would be even better if at the end of a comment there wasn't something else to read - even though I immediately recognize these kinds of small sentences (like the Partiko app) I do notice my brain still wants to 'read' the letters which can be very anti-climactic after reading a great comment. Putting the comment on the right means people still can see where the comment was posted from while keeping comments at the same time look as clean as possible :D

As said, minor minor things, because I'm already forgetting how I kept up with my comments before this app :')
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One other tiny thing I would love is to have the 'Posted with SteemReply' aligned to the bottom right

Done in the last update of SteemReply ;)

YESSS! Thank you :D

This reply convinced me of trying! FYI

Hello @arcange,

thank you making the Fast Reply Idea alive again.

Indeed, we published it one year ago and haven't been very active on the steem blockchain as you know, since we met last November at Steemfest in Krakow, family, baby and other stuff for @oroger and me :-)

But please, let me tell you how confuse I am with this tool you published... We know each other in real life, I was hoping that you would at least let us know first.

We did Fast-Reply as an open source tool so that it could be maintained/forked by anyone. I was just surprised that you never talked about it to us...

Upvoted for visibility.

Hello @roxane,

First let me congratulate you and @oroger for your new baby! I hope that everything went smooth during the birth.

Yep, I didn't contact you as your last social interaction with the blockchain took place more than 3 months ago, more than a year for @oroger. My last message to you has remained unanswered. Fully understandable as we now know a bit more about the recent events in you life, but your last post was all but clear about you staying or leaving.

Yes, as the licence for the project was MIT, I decided to fork it, mentioned the credits and revived it.

We are never better served than by ourselves, aren't we?

You're confused? I am too, when I see a 100% self-upvote "for visibility" and none on the post ... or when I wonder what's your real intent behind putting so much visibility on your comment.

Hey @roxane, nice to read you again: I really missed you! 😁

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SteemReply sounds like it'll be a useful tool. I am happy to see the Steem Keychain integration as I think it's super important that we stop needing to potentially give away our login credentials to service providers to use the Steem blockchain.

When I log in, I see:

Reveal spoiler

Hopefully, someone replies to this comment so I can try out SteemReply. To help new users immediately use the utility, it would be nice to populate the inbox with the last 7 days of activity upon first login. If it already does this, my apologies... not sure when my last activity was.

Hello @dhimmel, thank you for your feedback.
Here is the comment reply you requested 😆

About how the inbox is populated, it's written in the post:

SteemReply will look for and display any unanswered comments you have received on your posts or on your own comments in the last 7 days.
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Another couple suggestions:

  1. Would it be possible to have a tab for already-replied-to? This would be useful for adding additional comments to threads I've already commented on. Also for navigation. For example, I had trouble getting back to this post after I replied to it.

  2. I don't love having the "Posted with PNG" sentence appended to my comment although it is quite minimal. Would there be a way that donating over a certain amount could enable an option to disable the SteemReply signature?

  3. Could there be a self upvote option for one's own comments made through SteemReply?

Thank you for your suggestions @dhimmel
I have added them in my todo list.
I'm not sure if/when implement they, but will provide more info about this on next update.
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Ah cool. Sorry I missed that detail. Nice engineering decision.
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This is awesome! Just last week I mentioned to someone how much I missed Fast-Reply. I just took Steemreply for a quick test drive, and I love it!
The feature that you can check multiple accounts from within one dashboard is just awesome. Thanks a lot for this, @arcange!

Thank you @simplymike.
I really needed the "multiple account" and "cross-device sync" features. I was also very reluctant to use SteemConnect hence the reasons I forked it.
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I'm using it to go through my comments right now. What a luxury... Love the built-in emoticons too! It seems I indeed missed quite a lot, lol - but that's not really a surprise...

(Meanwhile, I can make 'real-time' replies like this one when I get a notification through Steem Enhancer)

Thanks so very much @arcange and also to @simplymike for sharing the news about SteemReply.

I'm producing new artwork at the moment and constantly find myself in the dilemma of wanting to genuinely respond to people, but knowing if I'm to fulfill my goals I'll need to find a much smarter way of answering comments. I'll definitely look at setting up SteemReply over the weekend now. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎

With SteemReply, replying will take less than half the time it normally does, in my experience. So time for art ánd engagement 😉
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Thanks so much @simplymike. Will be wonderful to free up more time for actually making 'things.' ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎

Thanks so very much @arcange. The timing couldn't be more perfect for me. I'll definitely look at setting up SteemReply over the weekend now. So happy to gave seen @simplymike's review of SteemReply. Resteemed and voted for you as a witness. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎

Thank you for your positive comment @allyinspirit
I'm glad you found this post and I hope you will enjoy SteemReply.
And thank you for your support and witness vote, really appreciated!
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A pleasure @arcange.

I registered with Steem Reply but I've been receiving the same messages as @felipejoys ~ But then maybe it's because I used Steem Connect? I refreshed and logged out but to no avail.

So I tried to start again, after registering with Steem Keychain, but Steem Keychain is not accepting my password. This non-techie will be so grateful for any help @arcange. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎

Please, contact me on the Discord server I created for SteemReply:

Thanks @arcange. Will do and chat later today. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎

Thanks a lot for this great tool! It is really very helpful and keeps track of comments to be answered. WOW, I am amazed! Resteemed! :-)

Wow @arcange sounds like a great tool to use! Will check this out later (out of energy at the moment). For now I have resteemed this post where I think a lot of people can use this👍

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Thank you for your resteem @guchtere, really appreciated!
I hope you will get back your energy and enjoy give it a try.
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First try with your app, really looking great, and I think it will be a energy saver for me! 😀😀😀❤️
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Thank you @guchtere. Glad to read your first try was positive.
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Can I still reply here @arcange?

Got an error tonight while trying to reply at comments, you have any idea what could be wrong?

I created a Discord server for support.
Better to move this conversation there.

Discord link is expired... But I noticed a whole new interface. So Gonna try that first.

Here a new (non-expiring) link:

Added the Discord group! Seems to me that with the new version the error is gone? Just posted an comment and no error at all.👍

Cool, glad to read everything is working smooth now.
Thank you for the feedback @guchtere

No thanks at all @arcange, love your tool for quick replying.❤️👍

Thanks so much 🤗 for the great come back, @arcange!

Is there any way to login from a mobile device? (Maybe I missed some keychain's development for mobile?)

Resteemed with much joy! 😍

Cheers! 🥂

Thank you @amico.

Is there any way to login from a mobile device?

Unfortunately no because mainstream mobile browsers do not allow to install extension like Keychain.
I might consider re implementing Steem Connect authentication, even if I find it "less secure"
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I think the choice of login method to use can be done consciously by each user. 😉

In steemreply could you add the ability to chose our preferred Steem condenser? (i.e.,,
Thanks! 🙏
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ability to chose our preferred Steem condenser?

First point of the roadmap in the post 👆🏻
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Ohh, thanks: you’re always very kind!

Please notice that @partiko have a different URL sintax (i.e. the username without “@“)

Cheers 🥂

Thanks for the tip about Partiko
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Maybe it works even with the standard URL... just check it. 😜

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Lies :P

Well, you did say 'Mainstream mobile' so I guess you are correct except Kiwi Browser is a mobile browser that is basically a Chrome clone and has support for Chrome extensions.

I've tested KeyChain and it works as expected in Kiwi mobile browser :)

wow ... just bring extraordinary value to Steem, always arcange

Muchas Gracias @rutablockchain.
Espero que sea útil administrar sus contactos con los miembros de su comunidad.
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This post has been included in the latest edition of The Steem News - a compilation of the key news stories on the Steem blockchain.

Thank you for the shout out @pennsif
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I knew there was a reason I voted for you as a witness. Thanks for your continuous dedication to making this Community thrive!

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Thank you for your supportive comment @jacuzzi
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The tool looks great and your post explains it very detailed. I don't get so many comments/replies, but I imagine for some this is almost a life saver. Certainly a time saver!

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Thank you @gadrian. Here one more comment for you to manage 😆
To me, it is a real life saver!
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I wanted to reply via steemreply but your reply doesn't show there yet even after I refresh. Maybe I'm just too anxious, lol!

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lol ... the hidden feature of SteemReply -> makes you less anxious 😂
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Yup, that can be a great alternative when people don't want to be disturbed by notifications all the time. :)

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This is awesome arcange 🙂

Once again the friendliest coding Wiz on the Blockchain brings us am amazing interface to make life easier 👍

I'll definitely be using this in conjunction with brave browser.

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Thank you @raj808. So many compliments in one sentence. Makes me blush 😊
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So great! I hope you don't mind, but I shared this with our community of hunters on @Steemhunt <3 (with credit of course)

I kept checking back to fastreply in the hopes that it would come back but after hf20 there were no updates. Super thankful to have a similar service (and mutiple account sign ins! woot!)

Thank you for the share @dayleeo 👍
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Happy to spread the word, used it for most of the day yesterday and really loved it :D !

This seems to be a great and undoubtedly very useful tool!

The innovations don't stop coming and it's even a bit complicated to keep up with everything, haha!

it's even a bit complicated to keep up with everything, haha!

Hence this tool to make it easier to keep up with everything comment.
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At the moment I go through my my replies to see if there's anything I haven't responded to and so far its still manageable as I don't have tons of engagement, but I can see how handy this would be when someone has lot of comments to deal with. Great stuff!!!

Thank you @livinguktaiwan.
I shouldn't wish you to be overwhelmed by comments from your followers to see you start using SteemReply... but yes, that's what I wish you. 😂
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This is samething I need to check.

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I am very interested in this @arcange but doesn't Steem Keychain also ask for our creditenials?

Of course Keychain will ask for your credentials, but:

  1. the extension code runs locally on your browser. It does not rely on an internet connection or a 3rd party service.
  2. the provided keys are encrypted and stored locally. They never leave your computer. They are used locally to sign transactions.
  3. keychain code is auditable, either on github and even locally after you have installed the extension. It's clear text Javascript.

It's a like a password manager, except that not all password manager code are auditable.
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Ah.. thank you @arcange I never knew that difference.

Is it possible to make a mobile version of Key chain?

I would love to use it but most of my activity is via Mobile Devices.

Is it possible to make a mobile version of Key chain?

I would like to, but the main problem is that mainstream browsers on mobile devices do not allow to install extensions like Keychain 😢
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Amazing. Sounds very useful.

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Tools like this will be essential as Steem grows. I was just talking to someone about getting bands onto Steem, but they do not want to spend all their time dealing with social media when they should be making music. This could help.

For sure it will!
I was used to get a notification for every comment received, but found myself always procrastinating on replying directly.
Slowly, the notification went down the list, to finally fall into the abysses of oblivion or deletion.

I now eat my own dog food for a few weeks and I managed to have a backlog of only a few comments 😅
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This is awesome @arcange! Is this open source?

It'd be great if there is a function to search communication with a user, e.g., all conversations, filtered by search keyword.

Thank you @blockchainstudio
It was initially open source. No more in its actual version because I had to secure communication between the front-end (running on client browser) and the back-end.
Thanks for the "search" suggestions. I will add them to my todo.
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It is a good tool.Do u add the function which can manage several accounts' steem?

Multiple account management has already been implemented.
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This is a great and really helpful addition to blockchain @arcange.
Thank you for your effort.
I have some programming knowledge but at this time I don't have the time to do something

Thank you for your comment @dragonblades.
I wish you to find some free time to use your development skills around the Steem blockchain.
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You already using SteemReply nice !!!!!

is there any good guide from steem programming out there? or a tutorial maybe

You already using SteemReply nice !!!!!

Eating my own dog food 😉🐶

is there any good guide from steem programming out there?

There have been plenty of guides and tutorials published on Steem.
You can also check this site:
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Thank you
i will check them🙏
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Great one and I read it on my Bday again great find and thanks for the work

Should I pretend it's my Birthday gift?

Happy Birthday @brittandjosie!
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Yes do , the present is highly appreciated.

Trying to sign in but keep getting this error. My Steem keychain is unlocked and working with keys loaded. Any ideas?
Screenshot from 2019-05-09 06-12-48.jpg

You have stm: bewteen the @ and your name.
In SteemReply, check you typed your name without the @.
Posted with

I go to and in the login I type flemingfarm and that is what I get every time. No @, no stm:, just flemingfarm.

Feel free to contact me on Discord (Arcange [witness]#2413) so we will see if I can help you
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I LOVE it already!!!
Thanks a lot!

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This is lovely, I really needed this. Thank you!

Help, please. Comments fail to load every time. I keep getting this error message:

Please connect to Steemreply Discord server to get more efficient support.

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I'm there.

Fantastic! What an awesome application!


Look like you made a typo in your comment ;)

Ignoring an author would only ignore them on SteemReply, right? Not STEEM wide?

Steemreply does no longer work with me since 4 weeks. I am a mobile user only. What can be the reason? It keeps loading, no matter how slow or fast the connection is.

Posted using Partiko Android

Please use this Discord channel for support.

Meantime, clearing your data on your browser will solve the issue:

  • go to SteemReply and go to Site Settings in your browser
  • select "All sites"
  • search for "" and select it
  • click on the "Clear & reset" button and confirm
    Then refresh your browser

I think it is solved. Clearing data did not help but it suddenly refused to work with the Samsung browser. Chrome is too heavy to load with a slow connection so I will not be able to use it often. I cannot reach Discord either, not see videos and frequently not see photos or load posts.

Glad to read you solved it. I personally use the Brave browser now. Way lighter and faster.

@arcange I tried Brave several times on but it is extremely slow so I deleted it. I use the Samsung browser it is way faster but even.that one can not load at times.

I now only start chrome to use steemreply and do nothing else with it. It is slow indeed but if it works for this I am happy. Partiko cannot be trusted and I clearly miss way more comments as thought.

Thank you for your responf. I wish you a great day. 👍❤️