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Digital art made by @xpilar

sommerstrand.4 A.jpg

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Obito and the angel

On a sunny morning it suddenly rained. The bright sun breaks through the rain and raises rainbows. A young man named Obito saw the rainbow. At that time he was hunting in the sacred mountain area . He was among those who believed when there was a rainbow there must be an angel who descended from paradise to bathe in the lake. It happened that behind the mountain was a lake. Accidentally, he saw and then observed five angels bathing in the lake. He saw the beauty of the angels. He was so fascinated ... he didn't feel he had seen their beauty for hours. suddenly he has one plan. How wonderful it would be to live with an angel. He knew that Angels would not be able to fly to heaven if they were taken. then Obito took the clothes of one of the nymphs. the clothes he took were yellow. . When the angels finish bathing, they dress up and are ready to return to heaven. One of the nymphs, because she did not find her body, was unable to return and finally left by her friends because the day had gone late. This angel is sad and swears anyone who can help him will be made as a husband if he is a man. At that time Obito came and offered help. Both of them returned to Obito's house and he married her. From this marriage a daughter named Vayame was born.
Before marriage, the angel reminded Obito not to ask the secret of his habits later after becoming a wife. The secret is that he always cooks rice using only one rice in the rice cooker but produces a lot of rice. The curious Obito did not ask but immediately opened the lid of the rice cooker.
As a result of this action, the supernatural powers are lost. Since then he has cooked rice like most ordinary women.
As a result of this, the grain supply in the barn has quickly run out. When the grain supply is low, the angel finds clothes, which her husband turns hidden in the barn.
Finally the angel returned home to heaven. before going home he advised his husband if he felt nostalgic to see the full moon. They will be able to gather every full moon.
Thank you @xpilar i hope you accept my story
warm regard from Indonesia

thanks for your great story @rokhani

You are welcome @xpilar. Thank you for your chance to spread my thought. And then I know too, that you are very wise to read and appreciate without blame or discourage the reader. That is your kind heart.
When i see this artwork I always amazed about sky with the cloud and shine.
orange tinge on the eastern horizon
reminiscent of slow motion
towering out into space
but lost with the arrival of the afternoon face

the sunshine warms the earth
remind to always be alert
replace with joy and enthusiasm
life is better and full of wisdom
Thank you again @xpilar. I hope you are peace and healthy always.

Hi Snr, @xpilar

Sometimes I wonder how your art came out unique, I bet as result of master and great skills in design of digital art, you are endowed with skills different from others, keep the good work.

I am a nature admirer and its beauty. I love the wildlife. I grew up on a ‘bush block’ with a wildlife career neighbour. I remember seen monkey every morning jumped from tree to tree.

From breathtaking views to calming moments, from colourful flowers to squawking birds – there are so many great reasons to get outside and enjoy all that nature has to offer. Nature is so awesome, vast diversity in different climates, places and spaces. It can be spectacular and leave me lost for words. The beauty of nature is beyond what mouth can say, it beyond human knowledge.

I usually went to oceans less than an hour drive away from home to admire natures. The fresh air and the calm vibes relax me as soon as I take a breath just some minutes in nature and I am happy I was like what a wonderful of nature that make me happy as if I never breath ever before. I’m fascinated by the inter-relatedness of everything, every species exists for a reason (the big charismatic ones) and without them all, the ecosystem suffers.

I was fascinated by the beauty of the multitudinous creatures that swarm in the seas and many of these creatures are found even on the shore. He say it’s a beautiful things to admire the beauty of nature even the farmer and the traveler appreciate the beauty that is found in nature. The farmer finds beauty in the variety of the plants that grows up in their farm land, and while the travelers is impressed with the beauty of distant hills and mountains, and the beauty of meandering rivers in large valleys. I looks at the landscape and is lost in admiration of it then I say glory be to creature (God).

I admired beauty of nature so well that I wish to stayed in jungle eating, marry there and enjoying the freshness and natural food. Nature is very hard to define; the natural world consisting of all things, the ecosystem, the virgin ground, unmodified species, the summary of everything that has to do with biological, chemical and physical states and events in the physical universe. Now beauty: beauty can be hard to define as well but it easy to recognize. In nature beauty may be discerned in all things and places, even in the most unexpected regions of the earth. There is beauty in the variety of flowers, birds, animals and plants, many of which are vividly colorful. There is beauty in mountains, valleys and hills, and in the skies. Thus, beauty can be found in all the creations of God including man.

Thanks for share your great work with us.

I've missed this smile heheheh

Hi @davidad

hehe, smile yes it is included in the blog

thanks for your good words you share with us when describing my pictures

Hehehe I could remember when that smile always hit my face every night hehehe very funny but I like the smile.

You are welcome, keep the good work, I could sleep back with a smile in my face soon hehe ...

Daniel was a happy peasant.

Daniel lived relaxed, without worries or problems in the beautiful lands of his parents.
I spent the day distracted caring for the sheep and lying on the green grass, full of plants trees and flowers, watching the colorful sky looking for shapes in the clouds and watching the birds fly.

Daniel was a happy peasant.

One day while watching the clouds Daniel went to sleep, he woke up by a loud noise like an airplane approaching and what his eyes saw was the most impressive and terrifying that Daniel had seen in his life.
It was a spaceship, a big flying saucer, a UFO.
He knew that nobody would believe him because those things do not happen often, the ship went by so quickly, showing only a yellow light from the turbines, that when it left, it seemed that the sun was very far away. It did not seem logical.
He ran to his house to tell what had happened fearing rejection and ridicule.
To their surprise all over the place they spoke of that strange appearance, All the people saw the ship and only speculated if it was a modern government plane or was a sample of life on another planet.

thanks for your great story @jdbs

that is one of your best so far imo

This is the Mongolian prairie
People on the grassland
Say they are the sons of heaven
When the father came
The golden eagle’s rays will appear in the sky.
Look at the right side of the sky
there are a golden eagle’s rays
Representing thier Father come those


thanks for your nice description @cloudblade

Spring Work.

After a long dry season, the summer has ended with the arrival of the rains to give way to spring and the rebirth of the flowers of the field. A green area is formed to give life to our garden. There was "I", it hangs on every leaf and every petals to grow healthy and strong.

thanks for your nice description @jadnven

The signs in the sky show the confrontation of two worlds, peace against evil, a war for the dominion of humanity. All await the outcome of the new one that will be made on earth, those who follow good expect a world of tranquility, peace and fortune, those who seek evil want to see a world on fire and without modesty.


Las señales en el cielo evidencia el enfrentamiento de dos mundos, la paz contra la maldad, una guerra por el dominio de la humanidad. todos aguardan por el desenlace del nuevo que se hará en la tierra, los que siguen el bien esperan un mundo de tranquilidad, paz y buenaventura, aquellos que buscan el mal olo quieren ver un mundo ardiendo y sin pudor.

thanks for your description @adeljose

My life changed (poem)

I walked through life aimlessly and lost.

I walked a dark and cold path.

Until one day looking at the sky I met you.

The sun suddenly came out and filled the sky with colors.

Feeling your presence changed everything for me.

Walking beside you put grass rugs under my feet.

Full of freshness my life and I felt walking the right path.

Knowing you God changed my life.

beautiful poem, thank you @anasuleidy

Hello @xpilar, nice to meet you again. today you are displaying digital images again. and according to my description, your digital image shows that a garden is very good for decorating a house. because there will be many types of flowers that grow. besides that there will be many types of beautiful insects that come. This is just my description of the digital image you are displaying.

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What a wonderful art work, the sun wake up and raise on the grass

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Evergreen weather, Which attracts people's mind. And congrats @xpilar your country Norway got first rank in freedom press index Rank.

Hello @xpilar
Beautiful digital art.
Combination of beautiful golden sky and small plants.
Small pants make this art more beautiful.
Blue sky with golden clouds are awesome. amazing digital art my friend..
Thanks for share with us.

thank you so much @tussar11

Good night sir @xpilar, this is a description of digital images, this image looks like a hill overgrown with lots of flowers and various types of colors. This flower looks very beautiful in the afternoon. because the sun almost drowned in the night, it was beautiful, I loved it very much. thank you for sharing.

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thank you so much @nurmalaalibasyah

Very beautiful your creation friend @xpilar, a beautiful hill in a warm sunset!

Great art dear Mr. @xpilar, Looking a green mountain without big tree, the were cutting by the enemy of our nature and there have some plant only and they also lost their original color by the heat of sun.

thank you so much @uttambarman

@mukhtarilyas, a beautiful expanse of mountains and can make the eye nerves fresh. @xpilar, varied colors add to the natural atmosphere. Such beautiful Panirana is perfect for enjoying recreation with family. thanks.

Your image makes me feel like I'm running, looking to find the sun. I can feel my agitation and the force of the breeze touching me while I look for the sun that little by little hides and escapes me.
Good digital art @xpilar!

thank you @teresah

very amazing and very nice digital-art my dear friend @xpilar

good view this picture has great art i love this view.

Wow loved this scene you created looking naturally amazing

Such a brilliant image. Often we see this kinda sunset with a white beach, not as often with so much green.

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a very beautiful sight I like this scene because of the very shiny colors. rarely do I see this good picture

Good day @xpilar, beautiful landscape reflects freshness with that green color that spreads throughout the hill, but at the same time a warm climate with the sunset.

Good afternoon, Sir. this is the description of this digital image. this picture looks like a hill that has a lot of flowers. This flower looks very beautiful in the afternoon. because of the almost twilight sun.

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thank you @chaira

beautiful evening scenery, this is amazing imagination, I like this picture

Good morning everybody :)

Esta imagen me recuerda a Valencia - Venezuela, cerca de lo que era mi hogar se podía ver las montañas con ese colorido, con arboles frondosos, gracias por compartir tu buena imaginación.

Hi @adrimonte

nice to hear that reminds you of Valencia - Venezuela

Really no comment :))

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:)) thank you @yaser-saoudy

In love with her daily work friend @xpilar, she reminded me of the wonderful opportunity I had to fly in a paraglider, when I approached the earth everything looked fast and in my place of destination without trees completely clear.


thank you @solangeh

I work very beautiful, the sky has pastel colors that play with the colors of the flowers.

Beautiful morning in green valley.

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thank you @csharma

I imagine this is sunrise or sunset behind a beautiful hill.

thank you @elianaelisma

good imagination, meaningful images in life

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