ART EXPLOSION WEEK 60: Theme SWEET/ 20 STEEM in prizes!

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This is my entry to the #artexplosion contest, thanks to @juliakponsford and @curie for their support to the new visual creators

"There is nothing sweeter than our subtle sin" Hozier

este si.jpg

Acrylic paint, and silicon on plate

  • Diagonal composition
  • Picto-three-dimensional


Materialization of perversity

In the representation of the "Sweet", the morbid nature of the human being is insinuated.

The plucked australian parakeet arranged in the three-dimensional composition (inside the redvelvet cake) represents the loss of innocence, "the bird can no longer fly".


On the other hand, a contrast of tones is generated by arranging the blue along with the white and red (of the cake) that mix at the edges to generate the pink color. The sculpture is integrated with the connotation of the dish and the melted cover to allude to the anthropophagy and putefraccion of the being.

Understanding the nature of man as a duality between good / evil, Sweet / Bitter evidenced in current social reality




Materials and tools

  • Plate and fork (plastic)
  • Brushes
  • Sweet wire
  • S]ilicon
  • Silicone gun
  • Artistic resin
  • Acrylic painting

Registration of the process


Step 1. Shape paper

Step 2.Fix it with silicone

Step 3. silicone base to form the cake

Step 4. arrange the wire in the form of a wing.

Step 5. Form paper head and paper wings.


Step 6. Cover the bird's head and wings with silicone

Step7 .paint the cake and the birds in layers. (painting in acrylic)

Step 8. form cherries with paper

Step 9.Paint the cherries red with brown, black and white shades, and cover with artistic resin

Step 10. melt the plastic fork and paint it according to the composition (red-white-pink).




este si.jpg


Thanks for your support

I hope you liked it, it makes me very happy to read the comments



Woah, I thought this was a painting, really cool end result and process!

Wonderful artwork: just by looking at it I can taste the too sweet fruits and cream. Its colours simultaneously delicious (the red) and artificial (the blue). As I have never worked with resin, I loved to see your progress photos.
Thank you for sharing 🙏

thank you very much for reading me I'm glad you liked it

This is the most disturbingly hideously fabulous thing I have seen in a long time!
It is particularly effective on me as I have an intense bird phobia. I was looking at the work on the winner post (congratulations, well deserved), and it wasn't until I read some comments that I looked closer! OH MY GOOGLE!
Really cool piece, it's like a culinary nightmare.
Budgies are one of the scariest birds. I posted about budgie fear... Wow, 2 years ago.

wao had never heard about your fear, I fully understand your anxiety I could not be in public places with many people like banks, parks, or shopping centers, let's say that my biggest fear was the people