Will Hive have its own decentralized cloud storage service?

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There are several decentralized cloud storage services already, such as Storj, Maidsafe, and Sia. However, I would like to know if there is a chance that the Hive blockchain would have its own censorship-resistant, reliable, and encrypted storage like the ones I already said.

If one would exist, I would not think twice about buying and delegating Hive Power (or pay HIVE or HBD if delegating is not an option) to whomever would provide such service for decent rates. I could see this as a win-win situation for everyone - the Hive blockchain would gain value, the users would get their own secure cloud storage, and storage providers would profit.

Regarding "censorship-resistant" and "encrypted" being together in the same sentence, I believe that censors could apply censorship at the account level, and not just specific posts that they don't want. This means that while censors cannot know what a user is hiding because of the encryption, they could just prevent the user from storing anything in the first place to hinder their ability to speak freely.

I tried searching my question using the Hive search engine, but I could not see results similar to this. It is either no such post exists, or only that the said search engine is not yet that efficient. (I would not search Hive using Google either, since I am trying my best to stay anonymous, and Google dislikes rendering its search services to people using Tor by presenting a nearly-impassable reCAPTCHA when it sees someone searching using a Tor exit node. Using DuckDuckGo is safe, but its search results are mostly irrelevant to my query.)

(image from Pixabay @ https://pixabay.com/vectors/download-upload-cloud-internet-1745473/)


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