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HiveBuzz (formerly SteemitBoard) was relaunched only 1 month ago. First of all, it is really nice to see you all having fun with Hivebuzz and when we see you so motivated, so engaging with us and others, collecting new badges and finding new friends, this brings us a big happy smile on our faces!

We already achieved one of our goals: to bring fun to the Hive community.

As HiveBuzz runs a witness, we would like to publish a regular report on our activity and how we think it helps the Hive platform.

We want to say how grateful we are towards everyone who voted for our witness (@steemitboard) which is now ranked #49 (you can check this on @arcange's witness page). This really helps the project to survive and continue to redistribute fun and part of what we get to all users on the platform. Thank you!

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Work done

The Hive Revolution campaign

As you know a few weeks ago we started a new challenge with the Hive Revolution badge.

A total of 135 users officially joined the revolution and definitely turned their back to Steem showing their flag! Many of them even got the first star on their badge by performing the first mission we initiated a few days later.

Congratulations comrades!

We had planned to provide you with 5 missions in total, but at the same time started working on the HiveBuzz Shop.

A bad decision it was, as it brought more work than expected. Creating the shop, fixing some bugs on the website and supervising our posts translations didn't make it possible.

We are really sorry we didn't find the time to go on with our next missions! Lesson learned!

We wanted to go on with it now, but with respect to the events going on in the US right now and seeing many groups using a similar sign to ours, the team decided to rather put the Hive Revolution on pause.

Online Shop

We are very proud to have our online shop live since a few days and happy to see first orders coming in!

The shop offers all kinds of high-quality gifts like t-shirts, hoodies, jackets, caps, hats, cups, drinking bottles, masks, cellphone protection, pillows, baby bodysuits, mousepads, socks, bags and many more.

Hurry up! The launch promo discount of 15% is running till Sunday 23:59 UTC. You can read the introduction post here

We plan to add more designs but do not hesitate to let us know if you want us to add your special favorite badge. We will also publish a separate post to explain how to choose your favorite gift and how to use our extensive customization features to personalize your item and make it unique!

The webshop has been localized for several countries, allows payments in your own country currency and worldwide delivery!

Sadly we cannot accept HIVE payments (for now)! @Arcange had a talk with the supplier. They do not accept crypto but are interested in it. Therefore, he proposed to help them to implement Hive payment. Future will tell...

If any of you have received one of the items, please send us a photo or video and let us know your feedback on your shopping experience!

We are looking forward to seeing you walking around with the Hive logo or HiveBuzz badges on your items!

Upvotes from HiveBuzz reactivated

Thanks to the fact that we have recovered enough Resource Credits, we are also happy to announce that the upvotes from HivBuzz coming with its notifications have been reactivated, this in order to incentivize the user's activity.

Since then, no less than 4805 upvotes have been distributed to 692 distinct authors in less than a month. And it's only a beginning...


Three weeks ago we also launched our Hive proposal to enable our project to survive and grow.

Although we have already received significant support (a huge thank you to all of the 165 supporters who have already voted to support our proposal), it is still very shy and we have only reached a quarter of the support votes needed to be funded.

To be able to keep up the work we have done until now and do even more, we need your help! Please read our proposal and support it! Every vote matters!

It will be very much appreciated!!

We are looking forward to your feedback.

The Hivebuzz Team


The revolution can take a pause, after all you did say it would take some time to develop the missions. One mission every other month, or every month, or even every six months would be fine. I know when I joined I was planing on leaving a little bit in steem, that changed with the steem HF, 3 weeks to go, and steem will be mostly fond memories.

Perhaps we can revolutionize Hive to change things that led to the fall of steem, we will see.

That is a good idea! Anyways we will keep the revolution in mind, but I think its better to pause it now and focus on other things! Thanks for your kind words and understanding @bashadow ❤️🙏

Stuff happens, at least you taught me how to do encrypted memo messages. So it was fun.

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Remember, anyone using PeakD can easily delegate some Hive Power to support @hivebuzz and other worthwhile projects on the chain!

True story 😉👍And a proposal vote is also always highly appreciated! ❤️

Well done @hivebuzz. Keep up the great work you are doing. :)

Thanks @rimjhim! We always do our best 👍🙂

@hivebuzz. This is so amazing, not until now, i never knew that one can as well have an online shop on hive. Wow keep it up. This is so inspiring. I love what i am seeing here.

Everything is possible 😉 Great you like it!

Das sind super Neuigkeiten!
Habe gerade zum ersten Mal, davon gehört, bzw. Darüber gelesen! 😄

Bin echt begeistert, wie schnell alles geht 😃

Das freut uns! Schön dass dir das Projekt gefällt @natha93!❤️🙏

Well done @hivebuzz. Keep up the great work you are doing. :)

we will do our very best 😉

Thanks for all your hard work. I really enjoy Hivebuzz.

By the way, I noticed that the below link is not working anymore.

Thanks for your kind words @bala41288! We appreciate having you around! Good catch! We will fix that 🙂👍

That's nice. Thanks. 😀

Same problem as the French post with the witness link 😉

Now it should be ok 😉

my support is with you

Thank you for your support @rovingman ❤️❤️

Indeed its fun here,im so motivated by the things happening here and that has made me really want to engage more and participate in virtually all the activities taking place here for the growth and enhancement of this initiative.

Thanks @hivebuzz, your impact is really overwhelming and im happy been here.together we can achieve maximum success

Thanks @dlioness! we appreciate your words and support! 🙏❤️