Koh Samui a Ghost Island !!

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This is Koh Samui island today right now , while the streets of Chaweng currently resemble a post apocalyptic wasteland, the beach right now is stunning.



One of the most touristy islands in the south of Thailand came to a standstill three months ago a island that relies heavily on tourists has been devastated even 7/11 stores have closed up because not a soul around and will probably remain like this for awhile to come yet as all international boarders still remain closed off.




So very sad to see once the destination island for many tourist from around the world and many others islands like this in Thailand , will they ever recover from this ghost town look is yet to be seen.


Even the birds are feeling the stress and hunger no one on the island to feed these poor little fellas 🤔



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I thought Bangkok started opening.
Doesn't that extend to Koh Samui?
Too bad no crumbs for that mynah.

The problem Koh Samui relies almost totally on foreign tourist and they are not allowed in the country at the moment 🤔

Poor birds will have to fish out of the sea...lol 🤔

Samui beach is very beautiful.

It really is @noopu and even better been so peaceful at the moment 😊

Thank you @ace108 for your support 👍

You're welcome.

Ohh that's so bad to see a great tourism spot collapse in this level. This surely resembles the haunted movies.
Hope the world recovers soon from this pandemic

It is really sad to see for everyone living on the island it is a disaster , i have had many good times on this island really do hope it returns to normal one day soon 👍