Where Is Santa??

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It is time for me to check out the 42nd Sarnia Kinsmen Santa Claus Parade, I didn't get to see it last year, I was pretty disappointing, but I survived another year to I get another chance. So I started to walk downtown to make it there by FIve Thirty PM, the floats were suppose to be ready to start moving by then, so it would be ready for Six PM, I thought it would be perfect timing. When I got there there was lots of local businesses set up with all sorts of Christmas and other things, the business The Painted Cat Studio had someone dressed up as a huge cat, he was giving all the children high fives and play fighting with swords, the kids were having fun.

Other businesses we giving out hot apple cider and hot chocolate and candy canes, I got a apple cider from a business I forget the name of it already, ahh, but they were collecting donations for the John Hopkins Society, so I gave them all the change I had in my hoodie, they also gave me candy canes there, so I brought them home for my wife!!

I was waiting around for a long time, it was getting cold, so I found other places giving out hot chocolate to keep warm. So many people were having fun waiting out there, but I was getting very anxious, its been like an hour and a half. So I went walking straight to the source, walked down to the St. Clair River and there was Santa sitting on the float, the parade hasn't even started yet. I pulled out my phone and Santa started yelling " Hey is this going to be on Facebook or Tic Toc?? Am I going to be seen all across the world? I responded with, "It will be on Hive" and Santa responded with all right then.
I got sidetrack and didn't get a very good photo, but oh well

I got to see the end of the parade before it even started, so I went home

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What a festive journey at the Sarnia Kinsmen Santa Claus Parade! The excitement, community engagement, and the unexpected early encounter with Santa must bring joy to the visitors. It's fantastic to witness the holiday spirit through local businesses and the warmth of the community.