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BEECHAT is a project that we've had on the road map for a while that we're finally rolling out. The first implementation of it is working is in now. It's the ability to talk to your fellow Hive members directly in the website.

You can see me logging in with the Splinterlands account on and talking with the lead developer of the project reazuliqbal. Incidentally he has a witness: @bdcommunity. So, if you think that having a Hive wide chat feature for all hive websites is important you can support his work by voting his witness. Also, if you think it's important consider voting mine!


Why do this?

I love discord, and advocate for it vigorously, but not everyone is in it, and it's not a great experience to separate out simple chatting into a completely separate website/service. So, with BEECHAT you can get a conversation rolling. If it moves from chatting into planning a project or something bigger than an introduction then BEECHAT will likely be too limited, but for introductions, chatting with friends, saying hi to artists, and things like that it should be perfect.

Is it opensource?

We're working on open sourcing the client side as we speak. We need a add a few more basic features, but we expect this to happen in SEPTEMBER! Maybe it's pushed to October, but this is happening soon.

How can I add it?

Once the code is opensource you'll be able to add it to your site.

You'll connect to our websocket server
You'll authorize a user by sending a signed message with the posting key
The user receives a token
They'll start chatting

It's written in Vue.JS and we'll look into other ways to help folks get this on their site.

Why should I add it to my site?

I think the first couple of likely candidates for this are the blogging sites:, peakd, and all the tribes. Imagine if you can start chatting with people in real time on the very website that you're on. So, not only leave a comment but actually message them as if it were social media in 2020... I think it's a massive leap forward to actually getting table stakes in place for these sites.

Others can use it too though. If you have a market, game, website, or whatever, you should allow your users to chat with one another. So, whatever is built on hive can now use your hive keys to chat.

chat is global

If I send you a message on and you're logged into you'll get the message on both platforms (still have to implement chat on lensy, so this is an example).

Chat is stored for 90 days

We're currently planning to store chat for 90 days and delete things older than that. If you're exchanging early love letters or keys (probably don't want to put keys on this) then you'll want stuff backed up somewhere else.

Basic chat will be free

Chatting should be 1000BEE free. Maybe there's some advanced features we'll charge for, but adding it to your site will involve incorporating open source code for free, and using the messaging service will be free.

Try it now and start planning on incorporating it into your site

If you want to try it please login to You can access the messenger through your profile (we'll add an icon to the top soon). Once you get the hang of what we're doing please start thinking through what you need to do to add it to your website.

Product Road map

  1. Opensource it
  2. Add group chats
  3. Add friends, view, approve/deny friend requests
  4. Add ability to only accept incoming messages from friends
  5. Add more features over time
  6. Monetize advanced features and opt-in ad space

Awesome! Works like a Charm!

We really need this as people are always asking about chat. What they don't want is to have to register for yet another service. Hope to see this spread across the Hive ecosystem soon.


This is great news, signup LASSECASH for this BEE chat, I understand how this brings value.

Why would i use this instead of free open source chat system like rocketchat? It's way more mature and more features.

Funny, as I think about the game I'll never make, I've been thinking about how best to do a hive based chat.

I've played a ton of the browser games people are making and built-in group chat makes them sooo much better. You are so often waiting on timers, or contemplating how to best use your last few actions, etc. that all the players have a lot of down time. If you have a chat window on the right side, so long as there are enough players that they occasionally run into eachother, the chat will be used and develop a community.

This is very cool, I am looking forward using it. Thank you.

Good work and thank you🙏👊

I see Hive moving forward with this. This would improve SEO rankings of our websites as time on site would increase for each user.

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Excellent work, it was much needed

Seems very interesting... we've been hoping to see a good chat system arise that can prove connection to a Hive account. Hope for the best success with this project.

Oh good. Yeah, you guys are at the top of my list of who should integrate this bad boy. I'll make sure when the opensource code is released that I send it your way.

sounds good

Que interesante propuesta, 👏👏👏👏👏, gracias por compartir esto tan útil. Saludos. Con cariño desde Venezuela.

That's really great.

yes, yes and yes ! we need chats and message services here. It will bring it all much better together! Thanks :))

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Happy to see this.

Our ecosystem needs chatting within our DApps

I know you must be very happy for this.

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Cool feature. Do websites pay or do users pay?

I think it would be better to make websites pay for it, since they will want it to improve their UX

So much going on in HIVE. Sometimes I just wish I could understand code better. But yes! this is awesome :)

Thank you. Excellent news. Hopefully, this will remove the need for bloody discord! However, you do realise there is also a beetalk and beechat and assorted variations already out there on the App store and very popular in SE Asia?

Nice! This makes so much sense and a good way to make tribes and communities more robust. In turn retain more users. A milestone for Hive!

Woooo hoo!

wow i like it! great innovation :)
I'm impatient to use

Love the progress you guys have been doing keep up the great work. You're talking about the pal discord correct?