Pixie Dust Weissbier, by Darling Brew.

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Pixie Dust Weissbier, by Darling Brew.


The other day, I wrote a post where we were at Darling Brew in Clarence, now I am back in Pretoria, and I were again sipping on some Darling Brew Beer, in this case it was a Pixie Dust Weissbier.


Darling brew is one of those craft breweries, that actually grew and made a huge success here in South Africa, I wonder if they still qualify as a craft brewery.

This beer comes in a 330 ml bottle and has 4.7% alcohol.


The label talks about banana and a number of other flavours, which I don't taste, all I know this is a great little beer. It pours in a pale yellow colour with a large white head on top.


I really love the beers from Darling Brew, and this beer was no exception, it is a great beer.

I hope you enjoyed the post and that you have a wonderful day.


Was kinda hoping that the banana taste would come through for you haha.. #favourite_fruit

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Somehow, I rarely taste all these tastes they talk about in !BEER

enjoy the beautiful moment and it's wonderful i hope you are doing better Take care of your health and keep visiting us like this.

Thank you.

My favorite drink 🍷🍻

Mine too!

Ooooh I've been beer tasting at the darling brewery. Here in Darling in the Western Cape. Stunning. My bestie and I were on a girls weekend. I had one that tasted like grapefruit and being a gin lover, that's a plus for me. This beer sounds divine though. I do love a Weissbier beer!