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Recently I've been going over to the dump quite a bit usually when I'm bored or looking for something to work on and I found this bike it is pretty nice but it needs some fixing. and that's what I'm doing!

The first thing I did was fix and adjust the brake's


(Without the brakes on) One of the calipers is on the wheel and one of them is to the side a bit too much.


This and the brake sticking out in the last picture is the same caliper and as you can see it's a bit broke. but I have some spare parts off of other bikes so I just replaced that and after some adjusting, the back brakes are done. after that I just adjusted the front brakes they weren't broken at all.

That is a problem...
I knew I was going to have to fix it or get a new wheel but it doesn't seem worth it since I don't know how or have the tools to fix it. also, I can probably find another same size wheel that probably won't be too hard

And that is gonna do it for today! I'm trying to start posting more because...
that's a little too much space between posts for my liking but I'm working on it. this bike isn't finished it's close ill probably do a follow-up soon but not sure yet.


Nice! I have always found fascinating this kind of thing, taking stuff people give up as lost, and then repairing them to make them useful again.

Wish you a lot of good luck on this little journey!

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