Hive Power Up Day - December 1st 2021 - Become an Orca!

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The Hive Power Up Day (PUD) is taking place on the first day of every month and the last one of this year will occur in a few days, on December 1st.

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Why "Become an Orca"?

TLDR; You can win a one-month 50,000 HP delegation, instantly turning you into an Orca throughout December!

Credits to @victoriabsb for this brilliant idea:


We are ending the year with a BAM!

The Hive Power Up Initiative wanted to celebrate the end of the year, the ATH of Hive Price and just how awesome is our community with a new special prize!

We want to award the community members who have been constantly growing their HP being part of our initiative from the beginning help them get to the next level that may seem like a little far away now, our amazing sponsors (@Blocktrades and @Theycallmedan) will be awarding each a delegation of 50,000 HP to 2 lucky winners [one from #HPUD, one from #HivePUD] for a whole month! So, they will become Orcas for a Month!

That means that one person from the #HPUD winners list and one from the #HivePUD winners list, who both meet the regular monthly requirements, as well as additional criteria set for this special prize, will each win a 50K HP delegation for a month!

Among the criteria that will be used to select the two winners, there is:

  • How much HIVE has been powered up in your account
  • How many PUDs in a row have you participated in
  • Not having done a power down in the last 5 months
  • Curation history
  • Engagement history

Read her announcement post for more information.

For more information about the next coming PUD, you can also read this post from @traciyork.

Once again, thank you to @blocktrades and @theycallmedan for their amazing contribution and support to this edition of the Hive Power Up Day!

1. The Power-Bees levels

The more HIVE you power-up on Power Up Day, the bigger your power-bee.

Read the announcement and last edition feedback the for more information on this.

2. The Power-Up Helper

The Power-Up Helper badge was introduced in the previous edition and allows you to get one more badge when helping others to power-up.

For more information on this, read the announcement post.

3. Delegations

Since the beginning of this year, we reward regular participants and those who have also been generous in helping others by providing them with a 3 weeks Hive Power delegations!

We want to reward commitment and consistency and to be eligible for a delegation, you must have completed 5 power-ups on Power Up Day in the last 5 months.

The amount of HP delegated is calculated according to the following criteria:

  • The levels of your power-ups (ex: you made two "level 3" and three "level 5" power-ups).
  • The number of people you helped to power-up and the amount involved.

The higher all the above-mentioned values, the higher the delegation you will receive.

Last month, we delegated 5746 Hive Power to 128 users.

How to get your Power Up Day badge?

  1. You will have to power-up HIVE on the 1st day of the month.

    HiveBuzz will use UTC date and time to validate when your powered-up. Therefore, check your timezone and convert your local time to UTC before powering up! To help you not miss the moment when you can do your power-up, we added a countdown to our website.

  2. Power-up at least 10 HIVE. This will entitle you to the smallest power-bee. The more HIVE you power up, the bigger your power-bee!

  3. You don't have to power them up in one step. All the Hive powered up will be counted together at the end of the day.

Strictly follow these rules and this badge will be on your board!

The badges will be distributed to all successful participants at the end of the Power Up Day.

Why participate in the Hive PUD

The first reason is to have fun and get a badge!

And here are some other great reasons to power-up your HIVE:

  • Strengthen your influence on the blockchain with stronger votes on content, proposals and witnesses.
  • Earn more curation rewards. The more Hive Power you have, the more you can potentially earn back
  • Earn "interest" by holding Hive Power. You will also earn HIVE passively at about 3% per year of what you currently have powered up so the more HIVE you have, the more you can earn from just holding!

Finally, several amazing members, like @victoriabsb, @traciyork, @fionasfavourites, @alokkumar121, @cmplxty, @hiveph, @improv, @jeanlucsr, @livinguktaiwan, @naturalmedicine, @r1s2g3, @theycallmedan, @eddiespino, @aliento, @walterjay and others, are offering prizes that include delegations, Hive giveaways, and other cool stuff to the Hive PUD participants.

Be ready, Power Up and become an Orca!

HiveBuzz is a project created by @arcange


What a great idea! Now I really feel the significance of this and see the value of HIVE grow very fast! This is amazing and encourages long-term thinking. I have been setting my account 100% power up for a while now. Is it OK? I’m also going to convert the remaining HBD to HIVE and power up on December 1st.

The more you power up, the more chance you have of receiving a large delegation.

Wow, why did it have to be this month - I would have loved to have qualified 😂 Still, what an incredible prize, thanks so much to all who made it happen ❤️❤️❤️

Yes, this might not be the best month to power up... so those who get a delegation will be even more deserving.

Power Up Month is really going to make it hard! I know, I could have made two posts a day, but doing it on a regular basis might have been a little greedy?


@hivebuzz! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @wrestlingdesires. (10/10)

The tip has been paid for by the We Are Alive Tribe through the earnings on, feel free to swing by our daily chat any time you want.

Oh wow what an awesome prize! I'm a bit maxed out on anything spare I can use to make more than a smallish power up this time but maybe I can find it from somwehere (I'll be powering up at least enough to take part in Power Up Day though for sure!)

Great initiative!

Thank you @tdctunes. Looking forward to seeing you take part in the challenge.

Thanks for all the challenges @hivebuzz!

Our pleasure. Glad you enjoy them and your badges.

That's quite a prize. With 50k you can give out some big votes right now. I'm always in favour of spreading the voting power.

Yeah, the support from @blocktrades and @theycallmedan to this initiative is epic!

We could do with more orcas. Need to get the numbers up generally. Get support to those who make Hive better.

This is awesome I will finally be able to participate in this PUD, That would be an awesome delegation to win I have been trying to power up mine as much as possible and have a goal of 10K by next year. I love this initiative and being part of this community and platform and will do everything I can to help it even though I'm just a guppy I feel my vote matters and have been welcomed with open arms into this wonderful place.

Thank you @drabs587. Everyone is important in our community, including you.
Enjoy the Power Up Day!

I won't be able to power up more than 10 HP, but I'm happy to be part of these achievements (Next PUM I'll try to reach the achievement)

The most important thing is to participate and have fun. See you at the next PUM @stader

Thanks, I'll be there!

It's a great project 😍🤩, I would have liked to participate but I am a little new, good luck to those who will participate 😉

Thanks @imeneayari. Sorry to read that you won't be taking part in the challenge. Maybe next time.

What a sweet reward a couple of people will get. Hive Power up day and the bee badges are a fun part of Hive, and I wish everyone good luck in the selections.

Yep, the delegation is icing on the cake!

This is really awesome am in for this

See you on Power Up Day @emeka4

Good luck to those who will be participating, I would have loved to join the PUD however, I don't even have up to 10 hive to power up.
Anyways, it's sure would be awesome with or without me.
The rewards are cool.

How about the PUM contest once again?

It's coming...

I am currently a minnow with currently 880.271 Hive Power, so I would need to Power Up a lot to become an Orca. I am currently not even close to become a dolphin.

I guess that makes me half a minnow. Like a fillet cut or something.

You become a minnow around 530 Hive Power. I currently do not know the exact value. You are currently a redfish/plankton.

Sponge Bob would be proud!

Hahaha. 😂

This is the first time I saw you use an emoji for replying to another user. 😅

Have a !PIZZA with !LUV for your engagement to help you have fun being !ALIVE! 😁

@xplosive! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @savvyplayer. (3/10)

The tip has been paid for by the We Are Alive Tribe through the earnings on, feel free to swing by our daily chat any time you want.

I used emojis a few times before. Thank you for the tokens.
I also give you some !PIZZA and some !LUV.

I see your joke right there. 😏

Have a !PIZZA! 😁

Read the post. "Becoming an Orca" is something you can achieve for one month thanks to the delegation you could receive, even if being a Red Fish, a Minnow or a Dolphin

Good luck to you all

Oh. So power up is staking. Got it.

.. power up is staking

Yes, it is!

This is a great project,I think I would also power up on the first of the month so I can get a bee too,keep up the good work

Thanks @victorbch. We look forward to seeing you participate in the December PUD

Wow thank you so much hive family..

What an awesome idea. Pure genius.

Thank you @bearmol. Credits to @victoriabsb for the idea.

Cool thanks for the info @hivebuzz
Have the best day

Hola, buena noche, disculpen, como hago para encender la insignia?? nunca lo he hecho

Puedes leer las reglas del desafío aquí.


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This is a great idea,I would also power up my account before it's too late to do so...keep up the good work

Thanks @victorbch. We look forward to seeing you participate in the PUD

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This is my entry to December/2021 PUD :D

As always, thanks for this great initiative!!


You can still buy HIVE with your HBD on the internal market. It's instant!

A small power up (that's all I had...) and blog I did remember to do!
I love it when I remember to do things! 😃
I just wish I remembered to do them well before midnight...🙄
Now it's bed time- well it was bedtime 2 hours ago...🤣

Thank you for participating in the PUD @chocolatescorpi. 💪🐝

What a fun idea! I didn't even know this was a thing until today! Now I'll have to try my hardest to participate each month. :D

See you next month @backlogodyssey

Thank you Hive, a great community that gave me the opportunity to navigate everywhere to discover the treasures of our world and especially the beautiful and wonderful people

You're welcome @agrebi75