Binance PROMBLEMS? - Binance Outage - Why is Binance Down? - CryptoCurrency News

in #binance5 years ago

Is Binance hacked, why is Binance down? Is it just an outage? CryptoCurrency news!

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Am worried to!! i hope they have everything under control!:D

honestly i would be freaking out only if binance wasnt awesome and kept us updated on twitter which realy speaks well of the whole binance team and grows my trust in them

Oh great, thanks Binance you're nice enough to give everyone 30mins to sort out their orders but what about everyone in the EU? The site will be back up at around 4am for the UK, so how is that fair seeing must people in the EU are gonna be sleeping while this 30min grace period is going on, anyone who didn't see this on Twitter today is gonna be pissed in the morning!

Never been a better time to buy a Hardware Wallet ;)

What's that got to do with it? Still need an exchange with a wallet.

Holding Currency on any Exchange is Not Recommended. Buy your Alts on your Favorite Exchange - Deposit them to your Hardware Wallet - Withdraw as needed to make your trades. This Binance Crash is the perfect example of why you never want to leave your funds in someone else's hands. Hope this helped clear things up :)

Fun fun fun... Crypto news can't stop with the dramatics... Not to worry... It could only go up from here... After a correction or two.. =P

I think its a good sign that they have been publicly updating their status and assuring us that there was no hack. I would be more worried if there was silence from their end.

At least they are communicating with their Users!
Just give them some time.

Side Note - You guys like the LEDGER NANO S OR TREZOR Wallet better?

I'm a fan of the Nano S!

I'm sure they will have everything back up and running normal, it is just a bit scary though... Hoping for a safe come back.

I was working and this was the first video to explain why I couldn’t get on Binance during my lunch break... thanks

Everything thing will be fine y’all we just need to watch the dips after it comes back online. Stress not my coin worriers!

I do not understand why people are hating on the video. I though it was very informative. Thank you :)

My personal opinion is I still trust in Binance. At the moment I feel they are the best exchange to trade on and are very diversify. Now I still feel they can do better. Updates and maintenance is something that must be done. I do think they can advise us a bit in advance and not just radomly telling us when they will commence giving us no access. I'm excited to see what plans they have in regards improving customer service. There first goal was to be the number 1 exchange which was accomplish. Now they want to be the best exchange dealing with customer service which I think they could just need feedback from us. None of us are perfect and everything takes time to get it right. Patience and practice is key.

I'm defentily not worried u always goin to have people freaking out when something out of the out of the ordinary happens an they will always think the worse of the situation I was as to see my money till late last night jus could f do anything on the app or website

IT'S BACK!!! YAY!!!!!

I still haven’t been able to get onto the sight even though I’ve heard they were back up.

Try the app, it works fine

You can also try

Great content being covered. The team at Binance has been handling the situation excellently. I am not worried knowing they all care and wish to uphold their reputation. #binanceftw

Whoaaaaa! Binance purposly taking down their website without a a reason. Seems like they want to induce panic, to cause a sell off. Are they trying to make a quick buck? Most likely they are syncing their servers, but what a coincidence.

Track Binance Status here, on Twitter

these markets really need to sort out there security

I hope they compensate us

The drop in fees are awesome!!!

they have decreased commission because of the problem, but still thats too kind, compensation when theyve had a technical issue, imagine if they gave everyone what they could of potentially earned for these odd days, there would be no exchange.

just wait until tomorrow

thank u for all the news keep up the good work no worries Changpeng is trustworthy

I feel this has been blown out of proportion and as a result its going to cause another pull back and more loss of confidence.

Love your vids thank you.

Hoping that all is good at Binance! Have a few different coins vested with them.


Thanks for the info!

Fully believe in Binance and trust things will be back up and going very soon.

I wonder if left over buy orders will go through while the their down.

i doubt it

Don't panic. They have to make significant upgrade to get ready for future activities. Please I am going to try get 100 bnb for the incovenience.

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I've been quite patient over the whole thing but it really is starting to grind away at me... we're given one time and then another and then another. It seems like it is just getting pushed out further and further. While I'm sure it will be better in the long run, it came at a bugger of a time when it's good to be doing a lot of trading. Praise to the updates all the time though... we can't complain there!

Typical but hey maybe the trigger competition brought in alot of traffic works

Id love to know more on your thoughts on Binance coin, I think i heard you say it could be like buying Amazon back when it started...

I beleive they stated on twitter that there replica cloud had a ddos attack and that they had dealt with it and needed to upgrade and sync or whatever, so it does build a little lack of faith in the exchange and what not but since they dealt with it in what couple days and one could log in via state side site after 24 hours means that they can deal with hiccups pretty efficiently.

Also it is kind of typical when this happens price of the coins seem to go down but hey thats just it, no if buts or maybes.

still not able to trade in binance... i wanted to sell a small part of my btc seeing to my chart reading. i would have gained around 2% on that, but its ohkay!