Bitcoin $4000 again, maybe for the last time

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$4000 USD has been a key Bitcoin level all along.

I first identified it as a price target well before $100. I was called crazy, stupid, ignorant, brainwashed, foolish, fraudulent, and much worse, by all but a tiny fraction of viewers.

After the bull market top at Christmas 2017, and a bear market set in, I again identified 4000 as a key level, and price target. Some of the nicer comments on that video:

  • "We will be lucky to see $6000 Bitcoin again"
  • "4000 btc is highly highly unlikely. 5800 is possible again"
  • "$6400-6800 is bottom"
  • "in your dreams. $5800 will never happen again, let alone $4000."

Once the price fell under $4000 again, I identified Christmas as the likely bottom for the market. So far, that has been the case.

Now, it looks about to test that $4000 level again.

If it breaks out strongly above, might that jumpstart the overall crypto bull market?

We're currently in the middle of that, forming the bottom of the U. The second half (on the right) is my guess at what might happen over the next year or two.

I still feel 2019 is the crypto recovery year, and we'll be seeing new all time highs in 2020.

Not financial or housekeeping advice.


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Nobody likes anyone who says "I told you so".

But for some reason nowadays, people are very reluctant to give credit to anyone else. Everybody's trying to get credit for themselves, I guess. Nobody is going to say "You were right!" even if you were.

Even if you were right about very, very important issues that affect trillion dollar markets and people in every part of the world. Even if you could have saved lives if you had been heeded. Even if you were telling people cannabis can cure cancer for 10 years, while the mainstream is still barely starting to catch up. How many died because of that delay? How many suffered, and still suffer?

So it's important for you to say "I was right" sometimes.

Nice one man ;) I’ve been waiting for your analysis / predictions recently! I always supported your calls and whenever I look at a chart I think back to your posts and what you have said! Dude, up we go ;) let’s get it!

Up we go, eventually hehehe. Mostly sideways and drifting upward for now, I think. And there will be another buying opportunity before we break above 5000, to shake out the last weak hands before the bull gets wild.
But hey, I'm just going by the pattern that bitcoin has already set out! It's not really analysis or prediction, more like copy-pasting segments of the chart onto where we are now :)
Been working for a long time and it'll work until it doesn't, as they say. But for cryptos, if we're right that they represent a new paradigm for currencies and economies, the real moves are still to come.

cheerz, brother! ;)