Wow not sure how we missed this awesome conversation, sorry that we didn't jump in here sooner. Thanks for the plug @nonameslefttouse! Also thanks @heiditravels, you're a legend in the space and it's awesome to have you in #steemleo!!!

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I vote for the simplifyzation of social media !
https://www.voteforsymplifyzationsocialmediawithouthunderdthousanDAppsforthesamepurposedeveloppedcauseIrritatinglevel.moons So annoying , Agreed !? Blockchaintechnology should be easy to use and transparant , not so misty. Bah bah bah.
New usefull apps :
hmhmm , goodmorning

I'm not sure if you'd be interested but I do know the folks over at would most likely appreciate your contributions. Just use the 'steemleo' tag. Some added exposure at least. Don't have to buy votes and pay someone to not look in order to be up on the trending page. Just throwing that out there.

Is that how people get on the Trending page these days? lol that's pretty sad. Thanks for the heads up on steemleo, I'll be adding that tag for sure!

Ha! As if you didn't know that. You damn right it's sad.

So they call these things 'tribes'. This helps: and Steem Keychain browser extension. Yabapmatt and Aggroed are behind these things. There's 'palnet' tag. It's like steemit, but not, but yet still Steem. You can earn PAL tokens there, still kinda hit or miss. Steemleo gives you LEO tokens and focuses mainly on investing and crypto stuff. I'm doing well in the 'tribe'. That one focuses on arts and entertainment. You'll see me stack these tags when I post now. Earning far more, seeing more new followers daily. It's kind of like the old Steemit, before the bullshit.

I definitely appreciate the heads up, seems I'm due for another deep dive into this steem space.

Seems to be a lot going on as far as independent development. Apparently a few people got sick of waiting for the SMTs and communities, so they just made their own. Exyle interviewed Matt and Aggroed not long ago. That's a decent source. Plenty of FUD around as well!

Lol I wonder if the government realise all they're going is encouraging the space to push for further decentralisation and remove all the wanna be's who are just here to make a quick buck. I really hope it does improve the state of DEX which has traditionally been pretty awful to work with in the past

Also, welcome to #steemleo

some sort of regulation was needed. The notion of open borders is a mirage.

Very interesting!
I also think that tough times are coming, and with the opposition, I like the idea that we are reaching a crucial point where crypto is severely affecting fiat financial markets.

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