@heiditravels I am not sure that I will Live Long Enough to see What Happens Then. That's OK Though because I Know that Things will get Better and Better with Crypto................

The year 2,140 is when the very last BTC will be mined. I would project 1BTC to equal $25 Trillion by then.
Inflation at 0%; but constant depreciation with growing participation? Wow!

I think, even "Aliens" will by then start owning Bitcoin; LOL!

Please cross post your youtube interviews on steemit as well! The one with Tom Lee was very good. Pehaps cross post onto too; you;ve got my upvotes!

Lol. So I'm curious if you are willing to share an apology with the community after you abused Steem for so long with your nonsense posts.

You targeted the little guys you knew you could easily downvote and silence and you positioned yourself as a powerful witness voter that had very questionable voting practices.

Several people called you out, including myself, for your abuse and shitty behavior only for you to lash out against us. Now that the community has some free downvotes and you are running scared, will you make a public statement regarding your abuse of the Steem network over the history of your account?

Honestly you aren't a bad guy you are just greedy and found a way to take advantage of a poorly designed system. I'm sure you can turn a new leaf and change your habits so there is no reason someone should hate you. But you and your actions are much more responsible for a shaky STEEM price than pretty much anyone else.

With that being said, it's cool to see your commenting and engaging in a more manual manner instead of just automated posts with 2 charts and maybe a sentence or two discussing them.

For that time, the new "miners" will be the ones confirming the transactions...They will get pay for doing their job as, in my opinion not a big change