WILL BITCOIN BECOME THE WORLD RESERVE CURRENCY? what will be the future of crytocurrencies?

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YES,  Bitcoin will become the World Reserve Currency. 

we have already seen that bitcoin is being used for buying and selling things and its still growing and we also know that  Governments cannot stop it. noone can stop bitcoin from growing not even the banks and banks are afraid of the growth of bitcoin because its been replacing the banks and people are taking of money from the banks and reinvesting in the world of cryptocurrencies its not only bitcoins it alot of other currencies and websites like steemit are supporting it 

Nothing can stop bitcoin.If governments make it illegal, people will get together and change that because its really really valuable people turn to bitcoin to buy medicine for their family. This thing is not going away. Ever.There is already too much money behind it in the US to make it illegal and its really hard to ban or stop bitcoin . soon alot of things will be happening with bitcoins.

We know the rate of bitcoin is dropping but soon it will reach the skies in the nearby future 


I disagree. Bitcoin is not going to be the world's reserve currency because I dont think it ultimately acts as a currency. It will be more of a store of value token.

I dont see Bitcoin ever leaving the POW which will make it great for security. For this reason, I can see it being used, with the addition of smart contract, as a store of information. We could see things such as tax records, deeds, titles, and other paperwork on this blockchain.

I see the other blockchains having the more interesting projects.

Plus I dont see a world reserve currency...that means one blockchain would be overriding the rest which I cannot see.

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