KAKAO Launches UPBIT.com The world's Biggest Crypto Exchange

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Get ready for Bitcoin at $10,000 and more, KAKAO launches UPBIT.com the biggest crypto exchange to be, working with the current leading exchange bittrex.com

This is big news for crypto, and a change that will bring China's constant negative influence on Bitcoin and altcoin markets down. Korean Exchanges will bring stability to the market and healthy push for Bitcoin and altcoins.

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Information is good ... But the owner of the video is Scammer. Except for the video.


Thank you for the info @selly the news is good, but it's always good to expose a scammer even when he is right :D

I don't think adding views for his video clip is good idea..

Views is nothing for him. It's the money he try to cheat from us.

very terrible bitcoin prices soared high. if only had funds to invest. thank you for the information @joseph

Yeah the way he said he wanted to manage other peoples' portfolio.. so suspicious. But I have to say, he's really persuasive with his words. The thing that ticked me off is when he tried to introduce his poorly built website, with just two option to choose your portfolio amount. Wow now I learned how a conman really looks like. Thanks for the tips!!! I will upvote you more if i can but I'm a minnow :(

seen some of his youtube videos... heads up! scammer alert!

I knew I've seen his face somewhere

Dope thanks! Big fan of facts.

Good call!

working with the current leading exchange bittrex.com

So is this a new Korean front end/UI that will be using the same back end market orders as Bittrex users?

They will trade 110 coins of the highest volume on bittrex, I am not sure if they will use the same UI, I am pretty sure they should not :D also no details yet on the back end stuff. I am glad they are working with bittrex though as they have a great record in safety and customer service

exactly @timcliff, your assesment is right.

yes @timcliff it's another one of these unnecessary business ideas , thanks for making it so clear

That's wonderful news.
I hope my BTC goes up.

H. G.

Not sure about 10000 but rest of info is good..

South Korea bans ICO's

This is a really good news i think...so far, the price of bit coin is so low.

Can it affect prices?

Cheer Up! 많은 사람들이 이 포스팅에 관심을 갖고 있나봐요!

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Nice, resteemed!

Thank you for info ;)

thanks for sharing!!! keep it up!!!!

What happen bro, this is not good....(..)

Great news, new high coming soon, time to long bitcoin X100 !

thanks for this.

I hope you're right. :)

Good post and new beginning,.

Thank you for the lovely post, wishing you all the best.:) information is sure to come in handy, but more than that, it gives me great confidence to know your hard work is being the useful.

Are they going to have STEEM and SBD?

bitcoin will reach 10000$ this year

Thanks for the very good news. Kryptos comes to stay 😁

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awesome post much informative thank you so much witness's for all help. I am going to resteem this @joseph

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Deadbeat brother-in-law.... ROFL!

Thanks @joseph for this info. I think them working with Bittrex will benefit them a lot. Bittrex has strong user base and their customer service is excellent. I have been using Bittrex for almost 9 months now, and loving what they are doing. TBH I feel secure when i use Bittrex than using any other exchanges because of their Multiple Authentications( I know it's kind of annoying somethings, but It's for our safety).

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Guy in video is complete scammer

That Korean dude on the video is apparently one big scammer. Read up about him on the net and make up your own minds.

Big news for Veritaseum and Populous holders if these two tokens can get off the algorithm manipulated EtherDelta. Massive price suppression.

We need more exchanges some (coinbase ) I feel charge way to much for a transaction!

Bullish news indeed, but wonder whether it's just a side project or will it be actively promoted among all Kakao userbase.

This is a really a great news.

I’m ready for the market to shoot to the moon..

Since I am Korean, I am familiar with the contents.
I want to inform you of more information.
That exchange is not made by KAKAO.
It is a separate company. And they are not involved.However, there is a special relationship. In KAKAO, the startup fund was paid $ 17 million. (Individually through venture investment companies)

Several years later, KAKAO invested $ 261 million directly. So KAKAO owned a sizable stake.

USDT is supported, but external remittances are forbidden.

Fees shall be equal to 0.25 / 0.25 % of BITREX. During the first period, you will receive a discount event.

Upbit.com and KakaoStock are developed by same company.
but not Kakao family.
It's independent company with Kakao

Thats a good news for steemian...i glad to heard that thanks...

That's good news, we now just need other DAX to start operating in Korea.

I see they have Bittrex for a partner. Does that mean whatever is on Bittrex, will be on UPBIT.com

LoL how fast scammers are getting exposed here :) I really hope several countries will take over the market and bring more stability.

Thank you so much joseph, your post are really great and helpful information of cryptocurrency market.

Great post boss. Please upvote my posts,help me earn

Love South Korea. Go guys!

great news YEAH :) thx for sharing

Thanks 4 the "Head's-Up"...

Cheers !!

Cryptomarket is going up right now.

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