Lightning Sats Giveaway

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Hello Hifivers,

I got really fond of lightning payments (explained). For example, I use Bitrefill to load my pre-paid SIM cards when travelling - it is just amazing.

I am going to send 300'000 sats to the first five people who post a lightning invoice for that amount in the comments below. If you don't know how to create an invoice then install the Wallet of Satoshi, click receive, enter 300000, tap the QR code and post it.



Hey, this is pretty cool.

My first lightning transaction


payment hash: 3ddb190514b5fc796803a49271fe1864f449cd2096eb5a1c519b3348ff353c1e

Thank you very much!

Im late to the party but I think there is still some hope. Here is my satoshi wallet transaction QF Code .

Here is my invoice



Thankyou so much 🤗

Wow I just downloaded the app; I’ve only seen lightning wallet spoken about I’ve never found an app that actually used them! I downloaded the wallet, pity it’s not a non-custodial! Do you know of any wallets that allow lightning but give you private keys?

I tried making an address now, lol is it normally this long? Gosh


Yes, it is 😃
Payment done: e45fb43c1fe6523132a3bdd0b64d73ee50bcd615b5f2e6cc51e584b1b4303755

Wow, that was fast, thank you so much! Do you by any chance know where I can read up on how to create my own lightning node? I did some googling but the resources provided were crappy

I followed How to Set Up a Lightning Node, Connect to a Peer and Open a Channel. There is also a telegram channel of core people (like Christian Decker answering himself).

Thanks for the info, I really appreciate it

Interesting. I’ve never heard of this before, hopefully we’ll have stores that accept that here. Would be fun 🤔
Here’s mine!


payment hash: ce20c8df5b0ca8f4ed38c9beb82399ca81556380e10c64de3f84235cb915e522

It is the fastest (trustless) way to send small to moderate amounts of Bitcoin. It would be ideal for stores as lightning payments are instant and feeless.

Woah thank you!!😄

Neat, hadn't tested this wallet yet. How's lightning moving along in general? Activity rising?

Here's my invoice for that amount, cheers! (I'll probably buy hive with it, though :D)


Good choice 😃.
Payment Hash: 35b5410133dd9fb65d2b12a794672d0de1cd327be9ae32d41c7d74b6f062a03c

There is 1ml that gives stats on how the network is growing. I am running a node Kontiki and it luckily needs no babysitting at all.

Cheers! ^^

Just installed mine and generated that wallet:


Now I'll have to document myself about that Bitreffil, as it sounds interesting. Have a great boat day!

Unlike the ones above that I paid using my node, I paid this one using my satoshi wallet, so I don't get a payment hash but a payment pre-image: 0703a5707c06d00df8fece77099c1dabfcfd7b0f1d06157d12dd041239c1031e

I don't understand why satoshi wallet doesn't have private keys. It's meant just for payments or is it safe to store BTC as well?

I think this is really the equivalent to your wallet. Keep as little as you need during the day/week. I have not done much research for lightning wallets and use my own node (and command line) for most of the payments. But am very interested to read more about smart phone wallets.

Wow. Just hearing about it for the first time.
Just downloaded the app.


Here is my invoice.


payment hash: c2a323554deaf4f727658f6533f1e4b55aca26f88fa96f40bea8e6ea939e9154

(this was no. 6 BTW 😂 - no worries)

Thank you man

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That's what I imagined that it is designed mostly for payments. I will keep it in my phone as it seems doing its job decent but I'm not too familiar with the lightning network. Fun fact: I just changed my sim card today and have to check if I will be able to fill it via Bitfill. For now Romania is still midle age when it comes to crypto but who knows...

When it comes to crypto there are no boundaries, no nation states. Otherwise it is not crypto 😉

wow, this is so cool, such a convenient app. First time I've come across such an easy to use lightning wallet. Thanks for this.


Not sure if the giveaway is still running, but I put in my QR code just in case. Thanks again.

Never hear of such lightning payments, but we'll surely explore it. Ease of use is what I am looking towards.

I tried downloading the app for Android from the given link but that didn't work.
Then I searched the app manually and was able to download.

I hope I am not too late

Here is my invoice


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oh no too latee

Go ahead and post your invoice 😉


Oh my! Thank you! I have done it.

Thank you so much!!! I have received it~ wow that’s convenient!

buenas buen trabajo,muy interesante,saludos desde venezuela,espero contar con su ayuda y ,feliz tarde buen voto

I've just heard lightning payment yesterday and tried install. Then came across your article . Hopefully not too late ? Thanks



I just received it , thanks @mariusfebruary

Hello @mariusfebruary,

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I just came across your article, is it too late? Sorry

Image-1 (3).jpg

My invoice:


Thanks you

Hi. I hadn’t test this wallet yet. My wallet adress is:



Hi! Is the giveaway finished?

Just get recommended by Friend and explored the Satoshi wallet. Wonder if still giving out ? Thanks in advance

Screenshot_20200510-154646_Wallet of Satoshi.jpg


Hi, I hope the giveaway is still available 🤞


My invoice:

Sorry for the delay, this is my first time on the wallet of satoshi. Thanks


The invoice :


Hi! It’s generous of you.

My QR code:


and the invoice:


If you want I can use your referral code, what is your referral code ?


Sorry if I'm late, but I try:
(I don't know if it's correct because it's my first time on this wallet).



Am I wrong @mariusfebruary ?

I can try and pray for the giveaway to be still available :D


Thank you very much from a member of the french community :D who didn't know lightning xD

Am i late? Sorry ):
If I understood correctly: 0.00000001 BTC = 1 satoshi?

Image-1 (4).jpg


Look forward to receiving my first satoshis!

By the way: another 10 hours before the Halving.

Thank you for your generosity