The Trend Is Your Friend Until The Bitter End

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     A couple of years ago I heard my Mother complaining about her failing financial status since she cannot find a tenant for her own store. She is repeating the fact that it is her only source of living. This is also the main reason why her past tenants are taking advantage of her as she is so generous and she is somewhat being taken advantaged of for precisely because of her generosity. I will never say that it is her fault since all my life she has been and always will be a very good Mother. Yes, we have complaints but for all the insane and unreasonable reasons. Right now she may not admit it but I am the only person that she can truly depend on this very moment and into the future. My siblings are on the survival mode. All they do is work themselves to death. Most of the time they are out of touch. I am the only person who is beside her all the time but somehow she overlooks my existence and she thinks that I am a total failure like others outside our family circle who are wishing everyday that I will never prosper in life and they are really praying that I die a painful death.


     They are all betting against me but I am not moving from my position. Ever since I discovered Bitcoin in 2009 the trend is my friend. Now I am a proud disciple of Satoshi Nakamoto even though I never met him or her personally. Actually this is just some sort of a running personal joke until the sanitary lockdowns turned our lives into a living hell. Bitcoin and 4000 other active tokens and cryptocurrencies on the other hand started a very stellar bull run which signals the end of the brick and mortar Central Banking system. The current price action of Bitcoin, Ethereum and others is an indication that the World Economic Forum and other insane actors are on the move to hasten the implementation of very submissive monetary system in form of Central Bank Digital Currency. The coincidence theorists whom are still glorifying the banking mafia and their vaccines are supporting the Group with their blind faith in the system. I on the other hand will exploit the situation and in a few short months or years my Mother and I might pull the greatest executed plan in the history of mankind. At present we are really secretly riding the bull. Those who were praying for my very painful demise will be shaking their heads as to where things will be headed after the Great Reset. My Mother and I will be able to manage and adapt as we have the trend as our friend so to speak.


     We were selling my precious Bitcoins in form of a prepaid top up load. We were practically converting my Bitcoin stash into Fiat Philippine Peso. Look at the date stamp. The sanitary lock downs were insane back then although it is still insane a year later. My Mother and I manage to survive with the help of Bitcoins. I am not advising you to use custodial wallets like Coins application but if you are a beginner then this is your springboard to greatness.


     More example snapshots as to how we were able to make a living by reviving some Bitcoin private keys with faucet coin funds. The date stamp is as clear as day.


     Just 10 pesos, you say. No problem. Again focus on the time and date stamps.


     My blood brothers abandoned us but Satoshi Nakamoto the indiscriminate stranger saved my Mother and I from total disaster. So even a minute transaction will be entertained by your favorite Bitcoin scavenger.


     Almost a month after the total lockdown and Satoshi Nakamoto is still sharing the power of future technology. I will have become a professional beggar if not for this. Although, I am technically a Satoshi beggar for these are faucet coins from the past.


     My Mother and I were deemed non-essential by this society of Dr. Fauci but Satoshi Nakamoto has all the answers for this 5G and Starlinked world. You can never overemphasize enough the screenshots are reminders of our household level desperation. And how we managed a literal hand to mouth existence.


     You may hate me for doing this but the infinite loop of medical protocols reminded me of the same thing.


     Paying our electricity bill with Bit coins has never been this easy. This is what happened back when my Mother is complaining about not getting new tenants. The bill is so low.


     These are snippets of my transaction history from some 3 years back. Now that I have continued my physical fitness training I could literally smash the faces of this so-called experts for putting us through hell and back to hell a year after being placed there. If you want to confiscate my coins then come and get it. If you want to steal it come and get it. The Tree of Liberty is drying up. The only way to let it live is through you know what. Very violent and unavoidable price for excessive dissemination of lies. Please allow us to get a chance to atleast smash the faces of this coward liars in suit whom goes by the label of being experts. Just kidding we already won. The amount of resources that they have allocated to continuously brainwash the people is stagerring. Humankinds boredom is their demise.Fin.


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