f*** you coinbase

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Ok I'm a little bit pissed off, so this post is what it is.

At the end of november, according to my local legislation, coinbase needs to now exactly who I am.
That’s ok, I studied the situation and they have to.

But I have an exit, I can withdraw my cryptos before that date… in theory.

For some bad reasons a few years ago, when I was not into crypto, and after some water damage in my appartement, I decided to let this american company handle my crypto currencies, and I even bought a few ETH at the time (so they have my credit card and all the information related to it).

But before november, I decided to buy a hardware wallet, and own my crypto-currencies again (that's more or less ok according to the french legislation).
Everything was planned, I have my hardware wallet at home, a copy of the recovery key and another one at some friend’s house.

Yesterday, I tried to close my account and withdraw my money…

And of course, it didn’t worked, with a wonderful error message saying that I need to contact the support… who didn’t respond (what a surprise).

In the end, I gave up and fill the informations needed to withdraw my money.

Are you serious coinbase, do you really need to know what I do for a living for “legal” reason?

I am not crazy, I lied on this form, withdraw all my money, and closed my account.

Good bye coinbase, I won’t miss you


je me demande ce que sa serais avec binance, si un jour je veux retiré mes hive, l'année prochaine sa sera la 1ere fois que je passe par un virement (genre 30e le minimum) au lieux de 10euros de temps a autre en "main la main"

d'ailleurs je cherche comment sa fonctionne pour les impôts sur de toute petite somme.

Si on se réfère à la loi francaise, et selon ce que j'ai compris, un compte binance ou coinbase, c'est l'équivalent d'un compte à l'étranger qu'il faut déclarer (comme un compte en suisse pour coinbase qui réside dans un paradis fiscal). Pour qq dizaines d'euros je pense que ca va, mais j'ai plus que ca en btc :p

😅 😅 😅

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