Feedback from the August 1st Hive Power Up Day

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It would have been really incredible to break the records of the previous PUD edition. But this August Hive 1st Power Up Day was nonetheless excellent and more than normal.

A few words from the PUD organizers


Happy August everyone!

After an amazing and record breaking month for July that included an ATH (all time hive) volume record for the @hivebuzz side of Power Up Day, this month seems to have been a little quieter. Personally, I got a bit carried away with dropping $HBD into my savings account at every opportunity (that 10% APR is pretty hard to resist) so I didn't have nearly as big a power up today either. But what wasn't quiet was the enthusiasm for everyone who was powering up - lots of happy Hiveans increasing their voting power and influence on the blockchain!

And a very loud THANK YOU to everyone who participated in Power Up Day by powering up, posting, and/or shouting out on social media. All of those things help shine a light on our blockchain home, which in turn helps to grow our community. Special thanks to @hivebuzz for always BEEing such an incredible buzz-maker for Hive Power Up Day, as well as all the other awesome initiatives you create for our Hive community!

What are the PUD stats of this month?

Before going straight to the volume and participant stats, let's start first with those who choose to help others grow, the Power Up Helpers as those are the ones who deserve the most attention.

We have 9 users who have made a power-up to another account and have thus allowed 12 people to get their PUD badge.

Special kudos to @traciyork who was the only one helping several accounts (4).
Together, the helpers gifted 221.444 HIVE!

Here is the complete list of helpers and their donation:
@podping (100.00), @traciyork (44.44), @ctrlyse (15.00), @dontcare89 (11.00), @qwerrie (11.00), @beanz (10.00), @chibititan (10.00), @justclickindiva (10.00) and @melinda010100 (10.00).

A huge thank you to them all for their generosity! Show them some love by upvoting one of their recent posts.

We now have 138 users who helped at least one less powerful user who never got any power-up from anyone. These benefactors got the so coveted Power Up Helper badge:

Congratulations to @traciyork (19), @junkfeathers (10), @tazi (9), @melinda010100 (8), @reiseamateur (8), @victoriabsb (6), @primersion (5), @louis88 (5), @ybanezkim26 (4), @ahmadmanga (4), @french-tech (4), @bashadow (4), @qwerrie (3), @revisesociology (3), @carlagonz (3), @sandymeyer (3), @scorer (3), @fraenk (3), @kubak (3), @ecency (3), @pegarissimo (2), @notak (2), @breelikeatree (2), @tibaire (2), @remenzer (2), @gr33nm4ster (2), @kwame89 (2), @saleg25 (2), @blocktrades (2), @immanuel94 (2), @pusen (2), @straykat (2), @shmoogleosukami (2), @trangbaby (2), @oliverschmid (2), @silversaver888 (2), @sammie (2), @p3ntar0u (2), @schlafhacking (2), @trumpikas (2), @schlees (2), @lesiopm (2), @dawnoner (2), @jossduarte (2), @derangedvisions (2), @condeas (2), @fw206 (2), @dannewton (2), @brittandjosie (2), @beanz, @penderis, @theguruasia, @androshchuk, @pizzabot, @bighungrypanda, @dreemsavingsfund, @dwinblood, @manuelmusic, @xyba, @wedacoalition, @dreemport, @keco, @podping, @sydney.potts, @acidyo, @soulturtle, @ctrlyse, @charsdesign, @chibititan, @stormcharmer, @dontcare89, @fronttowardenemy, @madefrance, @ctrpch, @littlenewthings, @tribesteemup, @thatcryptodave, @tsunsica, @vokus, @emsenn0, @nomad-magus, @skylinebuds, @ramzimo68, @zirky, @pixiepost, @recording-box, @stayoutoftherz, @quekery, @russellstockley, @perceval, @successchar, @valerianis, @richardfyates, @walterjay, @muscara, @yolimarag, @maruskina, @alexvan, @phoenixwren, @miriannalis, @pavelsku, @satren, @pardinus, @tarazkp, @ph1102, @happyfrog420, @improv, @deepresearch, @blue.rabbit, @jacobtothe, @hive-data, @jacuzzi, @forykw, @jeffjagoe, @brianoflondon, @inertia, @gregory-f, @death-and-taxes, @iamraincrystal, @jznsamuel, @cryptictruth, @arcange, @joanstewart, @jeanlucsr, @elianaicgomes, @jesusalejos, @eliezerfloyd, @jongolson, @elizabeths14, @justclickindiva, @engrave, @ksteem, @felander, @acguitar1, @laloretoyya, @fermionico and @ervin-lemark.
(List by number of helpees)

Remember that the number of people you are helping will significantly influence the delegations we will do.

Let's now take a look at how you did against the previous editions:

It was to be expected, difficult to repeat the record of 2.5 million from the previous month, but this edition does not look poor compared to the other ones. Congratulations to the 348 users who together performed a power-up of 104951 HIVE!!!

Let's now look at what happened with the distribution of power-ups:

Congrats to devrim @bowess (17000), @peakd (10000), @uwelang (5000), @jarvie (5000), @beanz (2500,37), @vanje (2465,451), @jeffjagoe (2005,715), @wine-token (2000), @stayoutoftherz (2000), @klye (2000), @tungphong (1964,489), @lxsxl (1842,238), @hansgans (1415,234), @risingstarhub (1275), @goodguy123 (1211,478), @jamerussell (1185,481), @ace108 (1080), @dibblers.dabs (1064,853), @trincowski (1050), @jschindler (1010,505), @focus.folks (1004,546), @kerrislravenhill (1002,679), @pouchon (1001,398), @deepresearch (1001), @rentmoney (1000,224), @liucixin (1000), @olebulls (1000), @dontcare89 (1000), @ecoinstant (1000), @notak (1000), @primersion (1000) and @khan.dayyanz (1000).

They powered up at least 1000 HIVE and got the Jumbo-Bee badge.

Hive Power delegations

Since the beginning of this year, we are rewarding regular participants and those who have also been generous in helping others by offering a 3 weeks Hive Power delegation.
To be eligible for a delegation:

  • you must have participated in this Power Up Day.
  • You must have performed at least 5 power-ups on Power Up Day. Power-up received from another user is not taken into account.
  • 4 of these 5 power-ups must have been done on the last 5 Power Up Days (including this one).

To compute the amount of HP delegated to each user, we use the following criteria:

  • The number of power-ups performed.
  • The number and levels of power-ups you have performed (ex: you made two "level 3" and three "level 5" power-ups).
  • The number of people you helped to power up and the amount involved.

This month we will delegate no less than 4847 HP to 117 users

UserDelegated HP

Congratulations to all of you!

See you on September 1st for the next PUD!

HiveBuzz is a project created by @arcange


I currently have 401.789 Hive power. I hope to become a minnow next month.


Any idea what the threshold is? I thought it was 520, but I passed that a while ago, and I'm still a red fish too.

I think the threshold is about 535 now. It keeps going up. You can check your 'vests' on Hivebuzz. Threshold is a million of those.

Tagging @xplosive

Thank you. Both for the information and for the support too.
I give you some !PIZZA.



@steevc! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @xplosive.

Learn more about $PIZZA Token at (6/10)

Thanks! 535 HP makes perfect sense, since I'm at 534 right now with 999,601 vests.

That is interesting. I thought that it is 500 Hive power. Looks like it is not. Maybe someone else will tell us.

Go @xplosive, go!

See you next month!

Today I may as well start saving some Hive for the September 1st HPUD. See you all there!
Thanks for the Excitement! And, BEE Happy.

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Way to go @kerrislravenhill. See you on September 1st.

Congratulations to everyone that joined in the fun and frivolity of PUD.

I was here and wanted to PUD up too, but realised the night before I had nothing to PU and also realised that ti was too late to transfer something to somewhere to Power it up anyway...but I still did lots of curating AFTER I took my old friend- the newest Hivean @nexus22 through a very comprehensive tour and tutorial and got him signed up, so it wasn't all bad....😊

Thank you for the delegation and for your support for this initiative!

You're welcome @fionasfavourites. Thank you for all you do for the Hive PUD too. 🌹

Thanks a lot for your great project, the cool badges and of course the delegation! And congrats to all for powering up!

Thank you for this awesome project and all the hard work you are putting into it!

Thanks a lot for your hard work and for the delegation.

You're welcome @ervin-lemark. Enjoy it.

Woo-hoo! Another successful Powerup Day! Thanks to @hivebuzz for the delegation and thanks to you and @traciyork and everyone for all the work you do to help Hive grow every month!

You can power up your HIVE on another account ?

  • So you give him Hive or just give him a delegation?
  • Can we then collect our Hives or they stay with our friend?

You can power up another account. It is separate from delegation. They keep the Hive Power.

Powering up another account is giving it HIVE.
You can't collect them back unless your friend powers them down and send them back to you.


Congratulations, @theguruasia You Successfully Shared 0.300 WINE With @hivebuzz.
You Earned 0.300 WINE As Curation Reward.
You Utilized 3/5 Successful Calls.


Contact Us : WINE Token Discord Channel
WINE Current Market Price : 0.270

Excelente datos que veo por primera vez ya que estoy empezando con 2 Post recientes. Esta información me anima a seguir adelante.

Felicitaciones y espero ayuda también para Empoderarme.

Saludos y Bendiciones 🤑

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HI, thank you for the comment on my post. I am new here and having a hard time getting my head around this. I read a few guides but not understand the power up and I tried to find Hive currency in for US and didn't see it listed. What exchange do you use? Looking forward to meeting everyone and reading all their post. Thanks.

You can buy it on bittrex.

As a newcomer i powered up only 12 HP.In future i will do more.


И идея си нямам какво пише, защото не разбирам английски....но здраве да е.

Congratulation hivebuzz