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RE: Understanding Leveraged Trading Using Bitshares Blockchain ASAP + 10 SBD for insightful comments

in #bitshares5 years ago

That´s nice and what I was looking for, but I have to admit, that I still don´t understand it.
This is the main problem I see with bitshares. I see myself more knowledgeable as most crypto users (that may sound arrogant, but it´s a fact, when looking at the market and the players) and if even I don´t get it in a way, that will make me use the service with confidence, how will an average crypto user understand and use it? I guess, this is the reason, why bitshares has not gained much traction over the past years, because there are so many variables that have to be taken in account and this makes it way too complicated for the average user.


Oh i so much agree with you here. I have the feeling some people are really doing the effort to make it understandable and still, i don't have the feeling i am getting it :-)

yep, I agree. I am trying to make more explanations to dissect every aspect of BTS. stay tuned