Understanding Leveraged Trading Using Bitshares Blockchain ASAP + 10 SBD for insightful comments

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Hi all,

Here is my latest animated video explaining bts and some of its features. I hope ya'll like it.

Now that you've watched the vid, what did you think? I want to do my part to fight spam and promote insightful comments/discussions. I read every comment and value your feedback. write something and I just might pick you to receive 10 SBD for contributing to the conversation

Congrats to @ifunanyaikemma for her insightful comment on my last post and winning the 10 SBD!
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Nice info :-)

Very nice work from initial looks...I am currently travelling. ..
I will watch the video as soon I get home.

Just follow n upvote..

Your analogies are insightful and what I gained most importantly is that the 3 to 1 ratio explains the margin that any potential trader looking to leverage on the blockchain should use to keep track of his assets and equity to ensure it turns out profitable. Thanks

Interesting post.

Great work its very educative and i have learnt a lot of things from this post

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It is nice to see that you put this effort in making your post
I hope you will have a great day..

Nice work...

Great work. In another words, leverage is just like getting a loan to buy a house. The total amount of volume purchase is the same as the total amount of the house. call limit = initial deposit / min deposit of the house. If deposit is insufficient , bank take away your house. Do I get the interpretation correct?

yep pretty much.

same time as i learn with this educative and affected from true working guy.
what about bts future? can we consider its future with best and pure knowledge? @ddangerwu thanks for your time and answer

I think BTS will really go up in value when Tether is exposed as a scam. more people will use smart assets in BTS like bitUSD, which will drive up the price of BTS

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I learnt a lot. I've been curious about how I can leverage Bts. I see that there is potential, but I still don't understand what it is I can do with it to create positive cashflow. I haven't seen any examples conducted yet.

yep my next few videos will be of how to leverage BTS walkthrough

haha in the next few days, my vid tomr will be about how to buy bts directly with fiat, then the next one will prob be how to use leverage trading

Can't you do the leverage 1st? It's more important to multiply please/

haha I appreciate your enthusiasm but I will get to the leverage walkthrough next next video

Thank you @ddangerwu. I actually need it today, but I could wait..

why so difficult numbers? leverage multiplies your profits or losses. If you have 1 BTC, you go 100x, market increases 1%, you have 100% profit (you now have 2 btc on your balance if you close position), market decreases 1%, you lose everything (all of your margin is gone, you lose 100%). @ddangerwu

not sure where you get that relationship with 100x leverage. the only place I'm aware of that proves 100x leverage is bitmex, and that is definitely not how you described it to be. can you explain where your mechanics are from?

Wow 10 SBD for a great comment? I would never get that.

That´s nice and what I was looking for, but I have to admit, that I still don´t understand it.
This is the main problem I see with bitshares. I see myself more knowledgeable as most crypto users (that may sound arrogant, but it´s a fact, when looking at the market and the players) and if even I don´t get it in a way, that will make me use the service with confidence, how will an average crypto user understand and use it? I guess, this is the reason, why bitshares has not gained much traction over the past years, because there are so many variables that have to be taken in account and this makes it way too complicated for the average user.

Oh i so much agree with you here. I have the feeling some people are really doing the effort to make it understandable and still, i don't have the feeling i am getting it :-)

yep, I agree. I am trying to make more explanations to dissect every aspect of BTS. stay tuned

I think it is a great way to use the analogy of BitShares blockchain to explain leveraged trading to those who ironically understand Blockchain but don't understand leveraged trading. A very short and precise video. Upvoted!

Nice video and well explained! I'm no fan of margin trading at all. Many new investors use margin trading but in my opinion one should never invest money they aren't able to lose or even do not have at the moment of investing. And regarding that analogy of yours it really explains it well but also shows the unethical part of it. If you just stick to the analogy wouldn't you feel bad to buy the house and flip it for a profit later after the owner was forced to sell it or die? I know this is sadly how the world works these days just wanted to mention it!

yep, it is very dangerous and even more so when the people doing it are unaware of the possibilities. I dont want to judge its ethics but I do think it is a tool and so I want to explain it so that people might get interested in it to use it

thank you for that video , your work is nice ,i appreciate

Thank you so much @ddangerwu. I will continue promoting and contributing to the community.

Nice post and will follow as i want more of this but i still have unanswered questions on margin trading, especially when i would be called and if that can be avoided by putting more collateral. So my favourite post would be 100% practical, e.g. i have 100K BTS with BTS at 0.2 USD. If i assume that BTS price would never tumble below 0.05 USD, i should be 100% save by putting a collateral of "x4", right? And secondly, if price would go close to 0.05, can i put more BTS to save me from margin call?
Oops, quick edit for one more thing, this huge yellow zone you talk about at the end, how to buy into this? Not clear, i always feel so stupid with Bitshares while actually i am not, confusing :-)

yes, it is recommended to have at least 3x backing but BTS allows for up to 6x backing. in the case that bts's value drops, you can add to your collateral or pay back some of your borrowed "smart assets" such as bitUSD or bitCNY

excellent initiative to promote the decentralized platform BitShares trabj with it currently surprises me is the price of cryptocurrency is still very low all to work with BTS I do not want more HOLD JAJAJA

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