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Late payout prize winner announcement

CryptoIZ AMA with BitShares took place on 28th July with Milos Preocanin as VIP guest. is a large Indonesian knowledge sharing crypto community. Below are the rewards/prize winners awarded to live attendees, listed by community username.

The entire session can be viewed in the video below. Taking place just over a month ago, the topics covered are still recent enough to be highly relevant, covering the latest happenings around BitShares. A great discussion was had covering BitShares and more! The host provided Indonesian translation throughout, making this a bi-lingual AMA. For the full list of questions see below.

List of winners:

  • riskymustofa15
  • nurwanto27
  • faisalfirmino18
  • gbnnn9019
  • adibitshare7
  • crisjuli97
  • gemontang36
  • sampurna88
  • hermanwahyu1
  • arifrahman22

On Thursday, 09. September @ 6:00AM (Bangkok, Asia time zone) the winners will receive their equal distribution of the $2000 worth of BTS Core utility tokens from the prize pool.

BitShares X CryptoIZ | AMA Session with Milos (DL) Preocanin

AMA Topics covered

Here also are the questions to expect detailed answers on in the above video.

  1. Who is DL? Not just in BitShares, personal intro
  2. What is it all about, this corporate/business structure for BitShares?
  3. What happened to the CEO/Shareholder of BitShares, and what's the next step?
  4. Tell us about the StakeBTS program (launched in early June)
  5. Are NFTs still coming?
  6. What can we expect next from BitShares?
  7. What are your thoughts on DOGE creator statement on Mafia manipulating crypto?
  8. Are you now, as a company, able to accept outside investors/investments?
  9. Are there plans for more BitShares locations?
  10. Will BitShares ever have a real customer support dept?
  11. Advice for crypto or BitShares beginners?


CryptoIZ AMA with BitShares was the most recent of several sessions, including podcasts which were broadcast directly. There's never been a better time than now for BitShares to spread knowledge and share our technology broadly to the wider community of our industry.

Expect more soon!

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