StakeBTS BOT - August 2021 update and release notes.

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StakeBTS Bot was launched in June. Unfortunately, due to miss-understanding and chaos that I've personally been put up to, we encountered some problems. Even though the issue is not that big, it's not an easy task to manually process all those stakes, rewards, and confirmations. Also, it is not cheap to pay full-time staff for managing one product and it's service, not to mention the legal responsibility that would be going to each individual managing funds instead of simply using automated system that can't have human error - ever. So, here it goes...

Every 30 days was intention, then we realized that Bot was doing it on 30 calendar day in the month. We did this time manual payouts (it was done on 31st) just to keep consistency and be able to reprogram the bot software for proper management of the Nominator funds and rewards.

StakeBTS BOT - August Update and release notes
StakeBTS Public proof of 2nd round of Nominator rewards (Source: BitShares open-source wallet)

StakeBTS Release notes:

  • Bot will close the stake and return base as soon as the amount of months(payouts) is reached. E.g. 3 months choice will end even after 5 days if Nominator receives 3 times 8% in 5 days. (it will polish up and clear everything happening until now)
  • Days will be counted as blocks (1 block = 3 seconds, 1 day = 28,800 blocks), same as we are counting stake duration in months atm.
  • Payouts will be done every 30 days from the day when each Nominator entered stake agreement.
  • Online stats for each account, dates and payouts
  • Online stats for amount held by the bot, Bitttrex, and what is in Company assets (used by investment)

Current balances and progress.

After last report on Twitter, StakeBTS got another 275,000 BTS locked by 3 new Nominators. Still, we are far from our main goal/objective to raise 20,000,000 BTS and go for Public IPO as a company.

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