Open now for manual transfers. Better gui coming this week.

Hey Stan, a bit of help if you dont mind,
Withdraws from BEOS wallet through ''beos.gateway'' working fine withdrawing Bitshares but.....
Withdraws from BEOS wallet through ''beos.gateway'' not working withdrawing BEOS,
Transaction records showing ''refund by admin'' message?

still not working,withdrawing both bts and beos but only bts works, beos still bouncing back ''refund by admin error''?

sorry I meant withdawing both bts and beos THE SAME WAY THROUGH THE 3RD PARTY TAB, and only bts works :(

Transfer of btsmd working also, still no beos, thinking it might be because beos fee pool empty?

Still no solution, anybody????
RE: BEOS 3rd party withdrawals tab to transfer BEOS over to Bitshares not working, ''refund by admin'' error?