How BEOS Manna Works

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We created Manna to add value to BTS and BEOS and motivate people to HODL (hold on for dear life) their BTS and BEOS on our BEOS network. The average we've given away since beginning is 8.02 BEOS/BTS so to maximize motivation to keep all their BTS and BEOS in place we'll maximize our award of manna to those who keep 8 BEOS staked for every 1 BTS staked.

Of course, you can always stake 4 BEOS per BTS and get half as much manna, or 1 for 1 and collect 1/8th.

If you don't have 8 BEOS per BTS, now is a good chance to buy some cheap to top off your stake at a full 8 to 1.

Manna is a private token issued only to members of the BLCA. You use it only to claim other tokens the BLCA will hold in escrow for you until you become eligible to claim the native tokens. All of this is to remain compliant with regulators by keeping the tokens inside a non-profit organization based in Utah and therefore free of many noxious security and money transmission regulations.

Each token will be treated differently to remain compatible with the companies issuing them. More detail will be forthcoming as each company is ready to release them this summer.

More details: BEOS Spacedrop - Manna from Heaven


Woohooo!! Off to check my ratios and top up if needed :-)

Valuable article / information and seems now things getting more interesting than ever!


Fantabulously Stan-tastic!

Thank you, @stan and team!

Upvoted and re-steemed...
Scraping together some scratch to top off my BEOS... :D



P.S. Well, my "Buy BEOS" order is in on the market...
Lotta people w/ deeper pockets than me, but we'll see if I "get lucky." ;)

How can we add more BEOS to balance it out?

Where are we able to buy the new tokens from?

Yes, that would be a good idea. Get them on bitshares DEX.

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It's on there now.

Not going to sell, just HODL until 2021.

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Nice, loven it.

Do we need to add BEOS to have the correct ratio. could we remove some BTS instead?

Yes. You'll lose some RAMfall if you do. Your take is maximized when BTS is maximized, even if you could get a higher ratio with your BEOS.

When is the BEOS gateway going to be open?

Open now for manual transfers. Better gui coming this week.

Hey Stan, a bit of help if you dont mind,
Withdraws from BEOS wallet through ''beos.gateway'' working fine withdrawing Bitshares but.....
Withdraws from BEOS wallet through ''beos.gateway'' not working withdrawing BEOS,
Transaction records showing ''refund by admin'' message?

still not working,withdrawing both bts and beos but only bts works, beos still bouncing back ''refund by admin error''?

sorry I meant withdawing both bts and beos THE SAME WAY THROUGH THE 3RD PARTY TAB, and only bts works :(

Transfer of btsmd working also, still no beos, thinking it might be because beos fee pool empty?

Still no solution, anybody????
RE: BEOS 3rd party withdrawals tab to transfer BEOS over to Bitshares not working, ''refund by admin'' error?

Hi Stan, what is the BTSMD token which I have had appear in my beos wallet? Thanks

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A third party token we collected and distributed to all stakers.

Cheers mate

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Is there a date for when the MANA will start falling?

8/8 is the date,

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