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RE: Understanding Leveraged Trading Using Bitshares Blockchain ASAP + 10 SBD for insightful comments

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Nice video and well explained! I'm no fan of margin trading at all. Many new investors use margin trading but in my opinion one should never invest money they aren't able to lose or even do not have at the moment of investing. And regarding that analogy of yours it really explains it well but also shows the unethical part of it. If you just stick to the analogy wouldn't you feel bad to buy the house and flip it for a profit later after the owner was forced to sell it or die? I know this is sadly how the world works these days just wanted to mention it!


yep, it is very dangerous and even more so when the people doing it are unaware of the possibilities. I dont want to judge its ethics but I do think it is a tool and so I want to explain it so that people might get interested in it to use it