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Fractals are very effective analogous tools that help enable better future price pathway projections. Fractals are also related to cycles and everything moves in cycles, the solar system to the turn of galaxies and even price fractals are cycle derived. Now, take a look at the below chart. The fractals boxed. Do you see also how the cycle from last year is also potentially playing out again?

Here is the updated chart where I've moved up the "Your are Here" marker. Note how the white and blue fractals both have five waves up in the right wall of the rounded price formation. I believe the blue fractal is working on the hand portion of a Cup & Handle pattern. The key here is how far the red ABC will retrace. I've so far marked it to the 0.38 Fib level but it could be a bit deeper. Whould that change the analysis and projection, no.

This is what really has me excited for many of the Altcoins....the MACD! It's traversing and obeying the contracting lines of a symmetrical triangle. As it gets closer to the Apex; it'll have to explode. Do you think it'll be up or down?

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thanks man

am gonna buy immediately

thats y haejin post these so we the army can buy and pump the price

Great article! But here's an upcoming alternation coin/platform with path breaking tech!

Down into negative territory sarcasm

What are @haejins MACD settings ? Mine are on default and they look different from his.

Excellent update @haejin ! Very exciting times, hopefully BTS will explode before we know it!!

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Do you think BTS is likely to hit the price points you listed on your last post about BTS; that is, around the $2.30-$3.68 area?

This is just a smaller piece of the bigger picture. He thinks that after this correction the market will rally through late june/early july $0.90 -$1.10is, then have a medium 50%ish correction for a couple months, then have another big push that takes us through to the end of the year. That would be when the $2.30-3.68 comes in. At least that is my interpretation of his bts posts.

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exactly same post and content .... this is 4th time i think

For you maybe, for me not !

It's an update ya jack wagon.

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