Fuzzy BTS/Whaleshares Witness

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Witnesses fulfill a critical role in the infrastructure of the Bitshares blockchain. They also earn from the fee pool generated from transactions on DEX. I would like to nominate Fuzzy to lead a community sponsored witness. I trust he will use the rewards for the best use possible. Synergies are evident between BitShares and Whaleshares and other MASDacs. This witness will be a great asset to the community.

@murda-ra has volunteered his time to managing if he should be accepted @officialfuzzy. I know he is operating one of the best on test-net now so he's ready to run. BTS holders can have a real champion here with this position on the platform.

More information about the witness specs managed by @murda-ra - https://bitsharestalk.org/index.php?topic=26676.0

I think he is up to the task to manage this witness.

And what can I say about Fuzzy? The man who developed Whaleshares needs no introduction.
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I am actually still taking a look at your first post on the states having the provision for minting. The link you gave there is quite informative and I am still going through the different links within the clause 5. In the mean time saw this post.

I took a look at links here but didn't get the idea of what the post is about. Would really appreciate if you could clarify a bit more on it. What can my role be if I take an interest and things like that?

Yes it is interesting. Especially the Joseph Story, Commentaries. I think the take-away for that clause of the Constitution is that Americans had the right to take silver ore to a mint and have real coins issued to them. And that means that Americans still likely have that right if any state can offer that service to them...

Or at least until some Legislatures attempted to take the right away from the States in the 1830s but that would seem to be unconstitutional.

I haven't reached that part yet (took a break after Robert Morris) but what you mention is completely mind blowing man............I will get back to you about it on the main post.

In the meanwhile thanks for slightly editing this one. I am able to get it now. Thanks!

support this 100%.

Do you think whaleshares will be used by a lot of EOS holders. I had heard Dan was going to set up something similar to Steemit on EOS.

I think the whaleshares community sees the power of bitshares/steem/and EOS. I can see synergies between them all.

Wow !!!!
Great opportunity for bitshares holders...
Thanks @john-robert for your update and for giving us such valuable links

A fantastic initiative, very happy when I heard about this a couple of nights back.

This is good news. Undoubtedly, @officialfuzzy is the best man for the job. I believe he will fulfill
his vital role in the infrastructure of the Bitshares blockchain. Thanks for the update.

I have never tracked the #EOS / #BTS pair. I'm not sure they would even go against each other? Interesting though. Thanks for sharing. I will be interested to see what happens with this pair.

BTS took a major beating this weekend. There were a ton of margin calls. A great buying opportunity if you're holding cash!

Please keep the update of this. @john-robert