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RE: Understanding Leveraged Trading Using Bitshares Blockchain ASAP + 10 SBD for insightful comments

in #bitshares5 years ago

I learnt a lot. I've been curious about how I can leverage Bts. I see that there is potential, but I still don't understand what it is I can do with it to create positive cashflow. I haven't seen any examples conducted yet.


yep my next few videos will be of how to leverage BTS walkthrough

haha in the next few days, my vid tomr will be about how to buy bts directly with fiat, then the next one will prob be how to use leverage trading

Can't you do the leverage 1st? It's more important to multiply please/

haha I appreciate your enthusiasm but I will get to the leverage walkthrough next next video

Thank you @ddangerwu. I actually need it today, but I could wait..