New open source Bitshares (BTS) github repo: ticketTracker - Track, Tally, Reward! Check it out!

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What's this?

A command line based tool which helps you interrogate Bitshares tickets for analysis and potential airdrop target vector generation.

Check it out: ticketTracker!

What does it do?

  • Downloads Bitshares tickets using new ticket api endpoint
  • Summarizes downloaded tickets into a leaderboard
    • Accounts for liquid/non-liquid tickets
    • Accounts for ticket type (lock duration)
  • Estimates the impact of creating a new ticket
    • Your % influence
    • Top 10 user's influence comparison
  • Create templates for BTS airdrops
    • Provably fair ticket selection derived from witness_signature
    • Multiple ticket selection algorithms
      • Forward/Reversed chunks
      • PI / Reverse PI influenced chunks
      • Cubed chunks
      • Shooting fish in a barrel
        • Variable bullet penetration depth
        • Variable bullet strength (solid vs fragmentation)
        • Tallies obliterated fish for reward
  • Saves JSON files at each stage of computation

Plans for the future of this repo

  • Establish proof of leaderboard prior to evaluating block witness_signature
  • Generate broadcastable operations for airdropping BTS onto rewardees.
    • TOTP/QR code generation
  • Generate RND numbers with more algorithms
  • Encourage more users to create BTS tickets
  • Encourage BTS/NFT airdrops using this tool


Would you be interested in regular BTS airdrops funded via worker proposal? Within reasonable limits.

Are you going to create a ticket on Bitshares?

Any ideas for new number generating algorithms? Thoughts on the totally provably fair tactic of shooting fish in a barrel? 😅

Are you interested in performing Bitshares airdrops with this tool?

Hope you enjoy the new tool 👍