Onceuponatime in Cyprus

in #bitshares4 years ago (edited)

What was @onceuponatime doing in Limassol,


the booming city in Cyprus set to host Decentralized 2020?


Didn't @onceuponatime just leave Decentralized 2019 in Athens?


Trying to get away from @twiceuponatime or something?



Absolutely not!

It was a business trip, I swear!

man-2503248_1280.jpg^^ Not onceuponatime!!! (2)


I wasn't there for the sun and sea

Optimized-Limassol011 (3).jpg

And I actually have no idea


why my camera kept snapping


all these scenic shots.


I guess it could have been twiceuponatime


trying to distract me


from getting BEOS' business done!



But it didn't work.

The BEOS Team is thinking many moves ahead.

Optimized-Limassol012.jpg^^ clue1

Cyprus and Limassol are important.

Can you guess why?

Optimized-Limassol013.jpg^^ clue2


images (1) & (2) courtesy of pixabay.com


ouzo and out,

There is a plan!
(It's unfolding NOW)

Please spread the word about BEOS



Get ready for SKYfall!!!



Seems like a good plan, whatever it is!

Wow! A very nice days to be walking about before and after the meeting! Just need that fresh warm air to fill the head before shooting into outer space! Launching something big into orbit!
Beware of those UFOs from their bases on the dark side of the moon.

Good luck!

So I'm not the only one with a "dark side"? The Moon has one too?

Ah! I thought you knew that the moon had a hidden dark side full of unimaginable things!
So, beware!

Yes, but does the Moon admit that she has a dark side? And has she integrated it into her being? Or does she pretend that her shiny bright face is all there is? Bewae indeed!

Honestly I like this photography than others!


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Yes, a very good place for photographers.

will you bring us halloumi cheese ??? :)

Perhaps I will set up a cheese store in Limassol and then you can come and pick it up yourself.

Will you sell lountza as well??? :P
When you will be ready, I will come....

I will if you will open up an ouzo shop right next door.

I think this is a very good idea 👍
And we will get paid in crypto....

Lotsa nice images...

And I'm sure this all means good things for BEOS! :)



its time to decentralize the whole world ; )

Have you started?

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Hi! How are you keeping?!

Hope you are very well and keeping strong!

How come no new posts?!
I wanna know what you think will happen this year!! Year 2020 is quite a landmark for the future! Astrologers keep talking about the Grand Conjunction!

When will you come for a holiday in Thailand?! You really should make a trip here!

Waiting for your new post!!
I miss your strange sense of humour!

Have a good long holiday! My witty friend!

I do miss your challenging posts and challenges. You are kind my senior relative, part of my family!

All the best.