BEOS Spacedrop - Manna from Heaven

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The time has come to reveal what happens after the BEOS rainfall ends. The answer is Skyfall.

We'll be dropping a new token from space called Manna which can be traded for millions worth of our best upcoming token offerings.

Here's how it works (when ready this summer). Each time our SpaceQuest satellite passes over our ground station in Alaska it will download Manna tokens to the BEOS wallets of all who are holding BTS and BEOS on the BEOS network. Because Alaska is near the pole we'll get multiple passes per day from our satellite in polar orbit. Every holder of a staked BTS and BEOS token will share in millions worth of Manna tokens to be dropped for 888 lucky days.

You can watch an animation of SpaceQuest satellite ground tracks and footprints here:

Millions in BEOS will be used to acquire tokens to be offered to qualified holders of Manna exclusively on our web site. That number could grow as more companies provide some of their tokens to the give-away. The BEOS Limited Cooperative Association will be buying millions worth of these tokens to be traded there for the Manna we give away.

No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited.

Note that not everyone will be eligible for every one of these tokens. The world's regulators are out to spoil it for many of you. Some will require KYC. Some will be limited to qualified investors. Manna will not be tradable on the DEX but BLCA members should at least be able to trade their Manna for BEOS directly from the BLCA. It will be another month or so before we have all the kinks worked out, but you'll be able to collect Manna within a week after BEOS rainfall ends.

Here are some of the participating tokens we expect to make available to qualified manna holders this year.

DISCLAIMER: - All of these offerings are subject to change and BLCA makes no promises that any particular offering will be released in the form we have indicated.


RUON AI is being designed to be a highly sophisticated, next generation, Artificial Intelligence social media, chat, banking and mobile application built on Space-based Blockchain SovereignSky. RUON hopes to be the new "Social Media Electronic Currency". Join the Revolution.

Sovereign Sky (

The Planet’s first space-based blockchain powering a new “Free World Currency” designed to re-distribute the world’s wealth to provide and protect our children, save and preserve our wildlife and aim to eradicate global poverty by 2032. It will give BEOS the ability to execute transactions in the sovereignty of international space.

Biquitous (

Biquitous is bringing together two massively disruptive technologies (3D Printing & The Blockchain) to make custom manufacturing accessible to everyone through a collaborative P2P marketplace. This will be a security token licensed under Reg D and Reg A by the SEC and subject to those constraints.

Mission Space (

This project's mission is to design, launch and operate the world’s first constellation of up to four orbiting space-based optical telescopes, placing space exploration at the fingertips of everyone. This will be a security token licensed under Reg D and Reg A by the SEC and subject to those constraints.


Yes, your Manna are good for more BEOS to be offered by the BEOS Limited Cooperative Association (BLCA). If you are a member, you are eligible. BEOS is a new privately funded blockchain, a straight clone of EOS intended to serve as a middle chain between BitShares and the EOS main chain. Its goals are token portability and jurisdictional agility. It does these functions without requiring any modifications to or cooperation from either the BitShares or EOS communities, neither of which are involved in its development. BEOS tokens serve the same functions as the EOS token on the EOS main chain - giving holders voting and access privileges to network resources.

There may be more such giveaways throughout the next lucky 888 days, so hang onto your BEOS and keep them and your BTS staked on the BEOS network.

No purchase necessary, void where prohibited.


In the Wallet there is a button that says "Update Staked BEOS"
What does this do?

Do Brownie points still count for anything?

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It really feels like the true potential of bitshares is coming to life now. I've been waiting for this for years.

Especially the 3d printing dapp sounds really interesting, and seems like a perfect fit for EOSIO.

Will BEOS have interblockchain communication with Telos and the others from the start?
And is BEOS mainnet already launched so to speak?

Mainnet is launched - that's how rainfall happens. We'll unlock it after rainfall ends.
Interblockchain comms is still months away. Using notestein's gateway till then.

In the future, I don't see any challenge moving any beos token from beos to telos or any eosio chains, since it's eos compatible. We could see beos integrate with other eosio explorer and signature providers like @Anchor (Greymass). Looking forward to see how bitshares will integrate eos.

Great job. From RainFall to Sky Fall for 888 days. The Power of Bitshares is being unleash.

Hey Stan,

This is fantastic and--as has been typical of you and your colleagues,--very generous.

Thank you in advance for the hope of Skyfall, a new incentive to hold and increase our BTS and BEOS holdings.



Amazing news!
Do I just have to keep the BEOS staked like I've had for the Rainfall right?
Where will the manna token appear? Where can I track that the skyfall is being done to my wallet correctly?


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Just keep your BEOS and BTS where they are and Manna will appear there too.

Thabk you Stan!

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@stan When and where will we be able to trade BEOS? What exactly is Manna? What is the purpose of it?

On the BitShares DEX for starters.

Manna is a token you earn by staking BTS and BEOS that you can cash in for other promising tokens.

Bravo! This is the ultimate reason to stay staked. I hope you're able to leverage all the collective BTS voting power for the good of all. Also, I'm anticipating a Trans-Atlantic BEOS Dirigible somewhere in the roadmap. I may start rumors. Please make it happen. Lastly, some clear instructions on how to get BTS back from BEOS would be helpful. I'd have staked more if I knew how to send them back, which I don't. If it exists out there already, can someone point me to it, please?

Easy, go to tools menu and 3rd party services in lower left corner.

Thanks. It appears quite simple.

I appreciate the link. I somehow never saw that post.

Hi @stan

Are we to recieve Manna for the BTS held, the BEOS held, or for both tokens that are held on the BEOS network?


Both. You need 8 times as much BEOS as BTS to get max credit.

I have 6.96 times more BEOS so most of the way there I guess. Thanks for the info.

Will there be exchange listings soon now that the tokens are distributed? Or do we have to wait for the RAMfall as well?

Yes, on the BitShares network.

Thanks Stan! Excited about this project. I'll keep you guys in my prayers.