Great EOS USA NEWS BEOS Interview - Introduction to Manna

in #bitshares5 years ago

EOS USA NEWS interviews Stan Larimer, Michael Taggart, and Paul Martello about manna skyfall and all the things you can do with it.


Great Job Stan, Michael & Paul. Everybody BEOS member to get manna for 888 days . Do you know how powerfull this project is? BLCA have a huge market upfront. It's a prime time solution for businesses and not-for-profit. Can u imagine if we get 5-10% on cooperatives out there to launch on BEOS Chain? This is a cool project and I'm in since day 1.

Way to go, Gentlemen! I'm blown away by the ingenuity of these projects. As of today, I can confirm that manna drops from heaven. I intend to start producing memes about jurisdictional agility.