DeFi AMMOB - DeFi with Automated Market Maker Order Book

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Next Generation DeFi platform - DeFi AMMOB

Our mission is to make DeFi simpler, more accessible & across-the-board

Best investment opportunities with XBTS DeFi AMMOB Liquidity Aggregator.

XBTS DEX is a BitShares-based decentralized exchange and an entry point into the volumes of decentralized markets.


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XBTS DeFi AMMOB platform is an Automated Market Maker Order Book protocol designed for swapping between cryptocurrencies with low fees and limited slippage.

  • Liquidity protocols of XBTS DeFi AMMOBS platform allow anyone to become a Market Maker, Add their assets to several different liquidity pools and Earn fees on many different market pairs.

  • Price quotes on an DeFi are created through complex and scalible pricing algorithm AMMOB which does take into account any external information regarding of the world average price of asset and trading spread on the BitShares blockchain.

  • Liquidity providers that pool their capital in an XBTS Defi Platform make markets by always trading against the prices set by the AMMOB's pricing algorithm, essentially acting as Informed Market Makers.


XBTS Defi AMMOB platform allows its users to both supply liquidity to earn passive income or exchange between various assets.

Liquidity pools work in conjunction with the order books of the XBTS decentralized exchange.
Pools are financed on-chain for both assets of a trading pair and provide additional liquidity for traders and market makers on the exchange.

Liquidity is provided by Users who receive passive income from their deposit through trading commissions based on the percentage of the liquidity pool they provide.

The arbitrageurs always pay liquidity providers (investors) of the DeFi AMMOBs! The Arbitrageurs can not change the token allocation of the liquidity pools to correct price quotes towards the market price.

  • Thanks to the high speed BitShares blockchain, XBTS DeFi AMMOB is becoming a full-fledged alternative to traditional finance - lightning fast order books and price balancing algorithms make DeFi a desirable, safe and profitable tool.


DeFi AMMOB is a full cycle DeFi Ecosystem

What Is a Liquidity Provider?
A liquidity provider is a user who funds a liquidity pool with crypto assets she owns to facilitate trading on the platform and earn passive income on her deposit.

Now liquidity providers have a unique chance to get significant amounts of LP tokens even with modest investments. The platform was recently launched and is increasing in volume every day.

  • The investments are safe as DeFi AMMOB blockchain protocol guarantee that all the invested assets can be claim at any time.

How much liquidity providers are paid is based on the percentage of the liquidity pool that they provide. When funding the pool, they are usually required to fund two different assets to enable traders to switch between one to the other by trading them in pairs.

Profit Opportunities Unique to On-Chain Market Making with Order Book
AMMOB Market Making refers to providing liquidity on BitShares blockchain, which means that the token price quoting, order matching, and trade settlement all happens directly on the blockchain itself.

  • The XBTS DeFi AMMOB goal is to make it much easier and faster to onboard market makers to on-chain market making, provide all the tooling, education, and support they need.

The XBTS Dex BitShares-based on-chain DeFi AMMOB model has the following benefits:

Transaction speed: BitShares’ blockchain offers transaction speeds of less than 3 seconds to conclude.
Decentralization: The BitShares blockchain is fully decentralized which ensures users are protected. Hacking is impossible.
Low transaction costs: BitShares offers special solutions that make transactions in the system very cheap.

It is a very easy to get acquainted with XBTS DEX.
Just visit and start trading, investing into liquidity pools and staking assets in a few clicks.

Investing in DeFi AMMOB Pools - Step by Step Guide:

XBTS Decentralized Exchange

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