Investing in DeFi AMMOB Pools - Step by Step Guide

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XBTS DeFi AMMOB platform is an Automated Market Maker Order Book protocol designed for swapping between cryptocurrencies with low fees and limited slippage.

Liquidity protocols of XBTS DeFi AMMOBS platform allow anyone to become a Market Maker, Add their assets to several different liquidity pools and Earn fees on many different market pairs.

Price quotes on an DeFi are created through complex and scalible pricing algorithm AMMOB which does take into account any external information regarding of the world average price of asset and trading spread on the BitShares blockchain.

Liquidity providers that pool their capital in an XBTS Defi AMMOB Platform make markets by always trading against the prices set by the AMMOB's pricing algorithm, essentially acting as Informed Market Makers.

Description of DeFi AMMOB:


Investing in DeFi AMMOB Pools - Step by Step Guide

Step 1: Open XBTS DeFi Wallet web APP and register or import your account.

  • Just visit and start trading, investing into liquidity pools and staking assets in a few clicks.
  • The exchange runs on the BitShares blockchain, so you can import your XBTS or BitShares account. Only you have access to your account. The app does not store your data.
  • XBTS DeFi Wallet is a Progressive Apps. We used modern APIs along with traditional progressive enhancement strategy to create cross-platform Web/ Online/Desktop XBTS DeFi Wallet.

The XBTS DeFi Wallet never holds or has any access to your funds — you are in total control of your private keys!

ammob_2021_r1 (1).png

We built the Pin-code system that stops any form of data sniffing or keyloggers. The Pin-code is built into the XBTS DeFi wallet itself with ability to custom selected Pin-code for the ultimate level of wallet protection. The Pin-code is converted to a SHA-384 hash and encrypts itself using AES algorithms.

ammob_2021_r7 (1).png

Step 2: Go to the “DeFi AMMOB” section.

The list of pools is displayed on the Defi AMMOB page. The list of pools presented in this section work according to the AMMOB protocol. The application displays a whitelist of pools.

ammob_2021_r6 (1).png

Step 3: Select a pool.
You can select any Pool you want.

ammob_2021_r2 (1).png

Step 4: Press “Stake” button.

  • You can specify the amount you want to add to the pool. The system automatically calculates how many A and B tokens are needed.
  • You need to only enter one value, the second will be automatically calculated based on the current pool ratio
  • You can pre-calculate how much you need to deposit in order to get the desired percentage. To start participating in the pool and becoming a liquidity provider - Click "Add to Stake".
  • In the application, you can see the last operations that took place in the pool. Every swap transaction or adding/withdraw liquidity, is recorded on the BitShares blockchain and can be tracked in the Block Explorer.

ammob_2021_r4 (1).png

Step 5: Go to the "My Tokens" section

Your Stake in various liquidity pools and the amount of LP tokens in each pool are displayed here.

  • Click to view the selected pool.
  • You can calculate your share and claim tokens at any time.

ammob_2021_r5 (1).png

Step 6: Trade section
Here you can buy, sell, exchange the selected asset.
It is a fast way to swap cryptocurrency at market price.

ammob_2021_r8 (1).png

Step 7: Wallet
The wallet section displays all the assets that are on your balance.

ammob_2021_r9 (1).png

Step 8: Deposit/Withdraw
You can make a Deposit or Withdrawal of any asset by clicking Deposit or Withdraw.

The XBTS exchange supports the Deposit and Withdrawal on native blockchains of coins as well as cross-chain bridges with other exchange blockchains: Binance Chain BEP2, Huobi Eco Chain HECO, Waves blockchain, Ethereum blockchain.

  • Just select the blockchain through which you want to make a Deposit or Withdrawal.
  • Different blockchains have different fees.

ammob_2021_r10 (1).png

ammob_xbts (1).png

XBTS Decentralized Exchange

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Disclaimer. XBTS DeFi AMMOB is a technical platform based on public AMMOB code on BitShares Splash 5.0 release that implement an Automatic Market Maker Order Book algorithm for exchanging digital assets. Trading and investment decisions are made at the risk of platform users.


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