I am still on track....kind of

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Last week I started to bitch about myself and a couple of days and a lot of sweat later I celebrated myself.

This week did not go exactly as planned but I am still training even when it was not every day.

I try to give myself not too much shit for that as I want to keep a positve mindset and even when I skipped 2 days so far it is still way better than 0 workouts.

There are some visitors at the moment and you know how it goes...you go out for some food have a beer and then a couple more which usually ends up not making the smartest decisions.

But enough excuses. Yesterday and today training was pretty fun and I am thinking about going to a "functional fitness" class but it collides with the BJJ schedule so I have not really made up my mind about it.

Next week Yoga will start and as much as I hate it during the class the more I love it after. So I will probably joining this class and if I would end up doing BJJ and Yoga once a day I am more than happy.

We shall see what tomorrow and the coming week brings as the schedule is not set yet.

There has not been a lot of interest about #SPUD so far so if you read this far consider yourself reminded.


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Yoga will definitely be a fun time to exercise and I can't agree more having visitors. Food and drinks (beer) will surely be served on the table.

I haven't known much about #spud but I've been powering up a lot of Steem lately. So I will check it out.

I take days off of the internet and stuff to keep things more balanced same with exercise . I basically do some hiking and go to dog parks and such and have some equipment and treadmill but if I'm not feeling it or busy so be it. I ate a ton of brownies today and will just burn some calories later doing something fun.
I like your bluntness, I should see what SPUD is, no clue what it is other than what I like eat

Steem Power Up Day

I think I should take some days off the internet as well.

am enjoying the lag trying to give you an upvote that is borking
I will do ten thousand steps in the meantime and power lift and do yoga all at once

that is some commitment.

lol, now it's all down so am going to do some pogo sticking while juggling and doing archery

that is even more impressive

I have been looking for some kind of exercise routine that allows me to do it in the small confines of my house. The weather is going to be turning very cold soon and I don't want to have to pay for a gym membership or anything like that. Plus it is such a pain to just get there. I know what you mean about having company and things going off the rails a bit. As long as you get back into the routine, you should be good having times like that.

Have you checked the 100 push up challange?

Maybe it helps to build some momentum?

Yoga classes are beautiful to watch, I don't think they areas easy for the participants. About the #SPUD, I' checking it out.