Sundays exists to do nothing

in #bjj4 years ago

Monday on the other hand is to get your butt up again and my ass was up today again but somehow there was no "flow".

There were surprisingly many people training today and met a bunch of new people.

There are many great things about sport but what sticks out a lot is that you meet new people quite easy also trying to kill each other is kind of bonding.

Too bad I dont like people.

Todays focus was triangles from the guard again. It was pretty fun and worked pretty well except when we were rolling.

Not very hard if you dont have an resistance still pretty hard with. The setup worked but I lost control.

I guess that is why I am a white belt :-)

I am not sure if I will make it tomorrow as I need to take care of my visa but I will try to.


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That sounds very exciting! I actually was able to get out and get some exercise on Sunday. Monday is back to the work grind for me which means mostly sitting behind a desk.

nice. some is way better than 0 still in my book

New people are sometimes fun but sometimes annoying. I'm probably sticking on the latter these days.