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For the last couple of weeks I have been working in the open source 3d-suite Blender - a program of immense complexity (not uncommon in 3d applications). It has been some commercial work and I have had to consult a lot of tutorials along the way. But to make sure that not all of this fabulous research would go to waste in capitalist bondage and economic thralldom - that not all of this extraordinary knowledge gathering would end up as all work and no play, I have also been working on a piece that I intend to publish under the Katharsisdrill project as a creative commons stl-file. You can see a work-in-progress image below.


It is a pendant about 2 inches wide based on the Norse Goddess, Idunna, standing before her tree of magical apples - apples that kept the Asi-Gods young. I have already decided that I will have it made in a consecutively numbered version in silver. I have all the goldsmiths I need to help me out so I can have both makers and silver markings, and advice about making it ready for casting. Making silverware is not an easy task, but with this very professional help I know I can make a beautiful pendant - The first piece of jewellery in my career.

But as I said the model will also be available for all the 3d-printers out there who would like to make their own - or who kan maybe yse it for spare parts in their own modelling.

And the title... just one of those freak associations on the word Blender.


Finished product came out quite beautiful.. Will be a great collectable..

It isn't even finished in the picture, but it is close now. I will publish the file on the 30th of April to commemorate a person dear to me that I lost last year. I will dedicate it to her.

Ah, Blender! I have used Blender myself, but not for anything really serious, I wanted to try out 3D animation. I learnt to sculpt, model, uv unwrap, rig and colour, but I never got to animate complex 3D models. But I made a 3D character (a man) from scratch. It came as a surprise how a free open source software can be that great.

That's a good looking piece of work, this pendant.

Looking good. Did you take a 2D sketch at map it onto the 3D object? I have not really played with Blender, but I know it's really powerful.


I actually started working directly on a sphere with the sculpt-tools (you can see it used here.). It has undergone many changes since, but the main idea was "drawn" directly on the mesh. It is a fascinating tool.

So it looks like you can sculpt it a bit like clay. Not that I've done that since school. I'm imagining a VR system that simulates a sculpture studio.

It is incredibly intuitive, just like clay. My brother talked about some test doing modelling in VR so I'm sure that is on its way.