Pixel Tycoons Game Review

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Authored by @Andrew Spaulding


Hi! I'm Andy, and new to @peakd 🏔

So I have been interested with many blockchain games since 2018. I started minting my own collections not long after their discovery. Before that I've been an avid gamer since before the Commodore 64 pc. In-between 2021-22 I met the Lead developer(owner) of Pixel Tycoons, Claudio who is very talented.

The game is essentially played in Telegram groups with custom game commands that act as automated bots  that he then ingeniously plugged into the wax blockchain. You can check out the wiki here: pixeltycoons.com 

To save me a very elaborate description of the game read up all that information please. It will step by step teach you how to play, and also how to interact with the telegram bots, and the blockchain.
I went a bit overboard on this collection. I have 20 collector NFTs and about 40 farmers and land nfts that are all producers of new nfts every week! I have amassed over 700 NFTs from his collection. I blend them into utility items for another game's staking mechanism(wombat Dungeon Master), or have been giving many of them away in another game.

This game is galactic123.net I own planet nfts and it's a play to earn game also operates on the wax.io blockchain. You get the nfts as rewards when you dig for other crypto rewards, but Pixel Tycoons is much better in the way you can mint your own nfts by farming, collecting, special events, crafting, digging, chopping, and many other ways are sure to come. All truly revolutionary in the blockchain space unlike any other game I've played.
There's many groups associated with the game.

Here's most of the rooms you can join. Other new rooms and testing areas pop up from time to time. The main group for you to join is t.me/pixeltycoons


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@traciyork I'll try to write an article but don't like the moblie keyboard it hides what you are writing That article was a pain to write
Sorry if typos and missed opportunities for bette r journalism. Have a great day, yours truly,
Andrew Spaulding @aspauld72

Hey @aspauld72, no worries - it's not a requirement, just a suggestion.

Also, are you using Peakd to post? I'm a big fan of Peakd on my computer (I don't use my phone for Hive), but I've heard some people prefer using the @ecency app for mobile.

There is Ecency.com and Ecency desktop apps, that works on computer too 😉

Very true, and that's how I Ecency. 😊

As I said, I don't do the mobile thing when Hiving, but I've heard lots of people raving about how awesome the Ecency app is for that. So I tend to plug it for those who use their phones, and PeakD for those who use desktop, since I love both apps. Nice that we're spoiled for choice here on Hive!

I'll try it out. Thanks for the info😀

Screenshot_20221203_081214_Telegram.jpg sorry sent the wrong screenshot earlier here are most of the rooms you can join! Sorry about the mixup.

!lolz mistakes can happen!

Thanks for your post!

PS: Watch out your RC : )

Glad to see your participation on Hive! Letz celebrate with some !PIZZA


I gifted $PIZZA slices here:
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