Enjin (ENJ) Explained: Blockchain Gaming Platform

in #blockchain3 years ago

Enjin is a blockchain gaming platform focused on the creation of digital collectible items that are truly owned by the user. The platform offers methods for creating digital assets (known as ERC1155 tokens) for use across multiple Video Games. Their uses include collectible art or even in-shop coupons. Blockchain gaming allows gamers to have true ownership of their in-game items and trade them for value.

Enjin Platform uses Blockchain technology for these key benefits:

True item ownership – with transactions that cannot be censored powered by the Ethereum blockchain.
Convenient Exchange of value – digital items can be traded or sold instantly. The Enjin Wallet also allows users to access decentralised exchanges such as Kyber Network and Changelly.
Reserve Value – unwanted digital items can be “melted” into the Enjin Coin cryptocurrency.
Single Wallet for all items – the Enjin Wallet users to keep all digital assets in one single location.
ERC-1155 Token Standard – a superior version of the ERC20 and ERC721 token. Its transaction bundling and multi-send features mean it will save users’ costs.

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