WE URGENTLY NEED someone who knows GitHub, Busy’s code and SteemConnect

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Hi guys

@crypto.piotr here.



Friend of mine contacted me asking if I "can think of someone who knows Busy’s code and SteemConnect" and I figured that maybe someone here would be able to help and possibly earn something.

I would obviously appreciate resteeming this post, so I could reach out to larger audience.



I've asked him to specify what kind of help would he require. Please allow me to quote his answer:

"I need someone to update a piece of code in a GitHub report which is a Busy.org fork.

I’m building a DAO on the Steem blockchain around news content about future tech like AI, robotics, blockchain, etc.
Here’s to get some idea: futuretechinsider.com

For the needs of the DAO, I’m using a fork of Busy.org (network.futuretechinsider.com).

Since the last update of SteemConnect (which Busy uses for the signup), I’m not able to login, probably because of a deprecated metada feature (details here:

So I’m looking for someone to help make the switch from metadata to localStorage as advised by the SteemConnect team.
I can pay in Steem or ETH, Fiat also considered.

I’m not technical, so I barely know what I’m doing. :) "



If anyone would feel that he/she could be of any help then please give me a shout by dropping a comment and reach out to me via discord (crypto.piotr#3426) or telegram (crypto_piotr).



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Resteemed too. Hope it helps.

Thank you so much @coach.piotr for this post and thanks to everyone who shared. As Piotr said, we are looking for someone to fix an issue with SteemConnect (SC) in an app forked off of Busy.

The app is at: http://network.futuretechinsider.com.

Now, we are sure that the problem is due to SC metadata feature which was recently deprecated.

Worke to be reimbursed for upon agreement in STEEM/ETH, etc. Let's talk.

Appreciate any and all tips, referral and help.

So I was seemingly able to log in to the app at the given link. I can't save any of the profile info (name, about me, location etc.) however. The save button just doesn't do anything.

Did someone fix the unable to log in issue you mentioned, or is this related to what you were talking about? I haven't seen any new commits.

I'll at least come back and look at problem this for a while when I've spare time to Steem until it's solved.

Hi @a-non-e-moose and thanks for your efforts. Let's jump in Discord or any other way to DM. It won't be very easy to communicate in detail in comments.
Anyways, the SC team was kind enough to reenable the metadata feature for a few days. That's why we're now able to log in again. At least we know the culprit of the problem though. So in a day or two when they disable it again, I can let you know so you can check it out again if I haven't found a fix in the meantime, if that's fine with you. Thank you.

Sure, sounds good.

How do you feel about transfer memos? Send me one if that counts as a DM to you. I'll stop flooding @coach.piotr's comment section now and get back to whatever else I do :)

Sure, will do. Thank you and talk soon. :)

Hi @coach.piotr

I already made resteem and I also sent it in a group that I have of friends who are ing, in computing.

I think this is something for the utopian.io people. They are the techy's around here, @coach.piotr. I know they have a discord. You right a post about what you need and they will help if they can. This is all WAY above my head.

Thanks for the suggestion, @fitinfun. I think they're going through enough technical issues with utopion themselves right, so not holding high hopes but you never know, you're right. I need to take a look around.
There are many Busy forks (Utopian kind of, sort of being one as well), so we were hoping that some of the teams behind one of those apps who have already tackled this issue might be of help. Cause they have the code ready.

Oh I see. I hope you have success :)

Actually, I take this back. Anyone who knows what it is regarding and is willing to take a stab is more than welcome.
Thanks again :)

Thank you, @fitinfun. You too :)

Unfortunately I don't know anybody but hope you get the correct person @linkinpark @starbuckscoffee @nomadshostels you know anybody?

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@crypto.piotr, Hope that soon you will find the individual who knows these Niche/Skills. Keep up this supportive essence brother. Stay blessed.

I will take a look at this and see if I am able to help

Thank you, @neavvy. Inboxed you.

resteemed but do not have exp

I resteemed it too... I don't know right now much about it. Is this Node.js? Javascript?

creo que si es Es este Node.js? Javascript? tienes razon @jadams2k18 tratare de investigar mas

Hooolaaa! Tas perdía mujer. Que tas haciendo???!!! 😄

Ya ni escribes 😝

Hello! You're so lost of my radar... What have you been doing???!!! 😄

You don't even write 😝 anymore.

It’s React for what I know.

React, Node.js, Angular, all of them are javascript... hehehhe... I've only worked with jquery and javascript 😉

That’s what I thought, they’re all JS :)

Anyway, if it gets too complicated, let me know and I'll keep an eye on it. I program in almost everything: Php, Mysql, basic, c++, c#, javascript, Delphi... Programming languages are given to me easily... It's kind of my superpower, 😉

Thanks so much, @jadams2k18, will keep you posted. Seems like you have a lot of experience indeed :) I believe it’s a fairly easy job but who knows...

For as much as I would like to help, I don't have enough practical knowledge about the particular programming needed for the project, still, resteemed and upvoated ;)

All the best,

Cyberr Spaaaceee GOOOODD!!! Maaahh Frieeenddd!!!

How are yOOuuU????

Long time no see! 😄

Hi there, I'm good thanks for asking, feeling kind of..

Everything good with You?

Doesn't seem too awfully complicated by this description. I've worked with javascript before, but it does look like some capable people are already on it. Maybe I'll still end up giving the particulars a once over if it's not cracked soon.

Github repository link?

Dear @a-non-e-moose

I would be absolutely greateful if you could try to help @varioso with this problem.

Cheers, Piotr

Thank you so much @crypto.piotr.

Hi @a-non-e-moose, thanks for your post and your interest!

Shouldn't be that complicated but what do I know :)
Here's the GH link: https://github.com/varioso/ftin/tree/develop

If you're interested in taking a stab at this or need more details, please ping me on Discord and let's talk:

I downloaded the code and I'm trying to track down the relevant lines. Unfortunately it seems that the link in the original post describing the details is broken.

I made a Discord account once upon a time ago but I never really used it more than once. I'd have to dig up the account info and such. With thoughtful writing and patience I think this comments section could suffice to exchange those details. Unless you have some aversion to doing so of course.

I'll check back in some hours.

Hi @a-non-e-moose, thank you for your time and effort. Please let me know if you need any further details. You mentioned some broken link there. Please elaborate if need be. Thanks.

Oh I actually probably should have directed the part about the link to @coach.piotr. I saw your username on github and got confused.

No matter now, the link is back up.

I also think I've found the relevant files.

No, it's fine. coach.piotr was kind enough to resteeem about the issue, though he's not familiar with the details. I can provide any further info where needed, including links. Thanks again.

perhaps this guy: https://steempeak.com/@codemy
See his latest post...

Thank you, @zuerich. Will check him now.

Sorry I'm not familiar with github...

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Dear Piotr, i think the best Place where you can find someone Is @buildteam.
I am following their project and their scope Is connect people needs with developers.