CW20 ERC20 and BEP20

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CW20 is a code of contract that enable user's to carryout smart contract project on Tera Luna Blockchain so as to create a community for others user's to benefit from the Tera project.
Coding CW20 smart contract is so different from creating smart contract on Ethereum.
But the unique of Tera Luna Blockchain is that it automatically add any CW20 token send to t a particular wallet and thats what make Tera Luna Blockchain unique.
To code a CW20 on Tera Luna you will need knowledge of Rust and some Programming language knowledge.
Learn to create CW20 smart contract on Tera on the following link


ERC20 is a program that is developed in Ethereum Blockchain that allows users to create a smart contract. Ethereum is the first Blockchain that create a program to develops a code for Smart Contract, then other Blockchain star to adapt with this technology.
There are other smart contract program which are ERC721, ERC721A and many more but this is mostly common on Ethereum Blockchain.
Learn more about ERC20 and how to develop them

BEP20 is a Binance Smart Contract project developed on Binance Blockchain to help users to develop different programs on the Blockchain.
It's also has different features that allow uers to create different activities and develops the Blockchain.
Binance on the other hand as another Smart Contract called BEP2 but it doesn't really has much development so binance introduce SmartChain program to allow user to create and develop programs.
Learn more about Binance Smart Contract

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