Terra (LUNA) Vs Solana

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Terra (LUNA) Vs Solana

Terra (LUNA) and Solana are the top Blockchain and Fast growing in the market. They are one of the Blockchain with fast transaction.

Solana and Terra both use Rust to write there Smart Contract.

They are both similar but have some differences.
Both Proof of Stake but unlike Terra, Solana also runs on Proof of History

Prove of History (PoH): Proof of History is a sequence of computation that can provide a way to cryptographically verify passage of time between two events. It uses a cryptographically secure function written so that output cannot be predicted from the input, and must be completely executed to generate the output. The function is run in a sequence on a single core, its previous output as the current input, periodically recording the current output, and how many times its been called. The output can then be re-computed and verified by external computers in parallel by checking each sequence segment on a separate core. Don't let me waste more time in defining PoH

My main concentration is to spot the difference btw them

Solana runs transactions faster than Terra and this is because of the Proof of History.

While Terra only runs on Proof of Stake.

Another thing is that building on Solana chain is more easy because it's user friendly, though I believe with time Terra will be as easy as Solana chain, maybe it's because there no much activities going on yet, but it's definitely going to go hyper.

Another thing is Solana has some Key Features that help them, these keys are :
Tower BFT — a PoH-optimized version of Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance

Turbine — a block propagation protocol

Gulf Stream — Mempool-less transaction forwarding protocol

Sealevel — Parallel smart contracts run-time

Pipelining — a Transaction Processing Unit for validation optimization

Cloudbreak — Horizontally-Scaled Accounts Database

These features allow Solana to create high Blockchain Performance

Terra doesn't have any specific keys like this but I believe the Admin/Devs are working on something big hidden to us all.


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