Happy 6th Birthday to the Hive Community

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This announcement may seem strange to some because many of us celebrated the second “anniversary” of the Hive on March 20th. But in fact, that date corresponds to the Hive "Forkday" as @arcange named it in his recent post.

Indeed, it would be unfair to deny our past and forget our long history.

A bit of history

Six years ago, Steemit inc. a centralized company (now owned by a supporter of censorship and theft) launched a revolutionary new blockchain combining technical, financial and social aspects.

The very first block of the blockchain was generated on 2016-03-24 16:05:00 UTC time!

Few minutes later, the very first accounts were created on 2016-03-24 17:00:03 UTC. They were 3 of them: @admin, @dark and @nxt1.

3 seconds later, 4 additional accounts were created: @nxt, @nxt, @dantheman and @administrator

Six days later, on 2016-03-30 18:30:18 UTC, the very first post was published on the blockchain and welcomed with great enthusiasm.

For many of us, the story started in July 2016. It is at this moment that we saw a massive arrival of new users. This was mainly because people received their first payout and realized that they could actually monetize their content.

For almost four years, many enthusiasts have joined the adventure: developers, bloggers, investors ... people from all walks of life.

Then happened what you all know: the fight against the hostile takeover engineered by Justin Sun and his accomplices, the split of our community and the fork to the Hive blockchain.

Many have decided to continue the adventure started years earlier on the Hive blockchain where the notions of decentralization and censorship-free remain more important values than ever.

Since then, no less than half a million users are active on Hive daily and more than 600K each month. Our platform has continued to grow thanks to the success of many applications and projects developed within our ecosystem.

Happy Birthday Hive!

It would be sad not to celebrate the 6 years of commitment of the early adopters and pioneers who are committed to the Hive blockchain for so long who allow us to benefit from their experience.

It is therefore with pride that we celebrate with them the 6th anniversary of our decentralized blockchain.

If you registered your account on the Hive blockchain 6 years ago, you will automatically get this badge on your board. Of course, you can reuse it in your post to show your fellow Hivers you are a Hive Veteran.

For those who joined us recently, you will have to be patient. But do not worry, on the first, second, third or fourth anniversary of your registration, you will also receive a nice award.

We wish you a Happy Hive Birthday!

The Hivebuzz Team.

HiveBuzz is a project created by @arcange


Thanks for the recap @hivebuzz and @arcange. Huge fan of your work guys. 🔥

I was there on Steemit but not much active. Totally missed the Justin Sun takeover and only joined Hive last year. It's been a great ride since then - life changing.

Looking forward to meeting new amazing peeps this year and making lots of crypto. Cheers and Happy Anniversary to all. 🔥🔥

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Thank you @finguru.
Glad to read your Hive experience has been such a life changing.
Happy Hive Birthday 🎂

Thank you @finguru
Happy Hive Birthday 🎉

My story is similar, created my account in 2016 but disconnected for a while and returned in the last months.

Happy hive birthday!

I wish I were there since the start but that's okay! Better late than never.

Thanks a same to you. :)

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Quite a journey, @arcange and your team. Thank you for all you do for our blockchain.

I was a year late to the party: July 2017 :D

Thank you @fionasfavourites. Happy Hive Birthday 🤗🎂

was a year late to the party...

Better late than never 😉

Happy Hive Birthday @fionasfavourites 🎉
Our pleasure to work for our loved blockchain

Happy birthday!! such an amazing story 🎉🎉✨

Happy Hive Birthday @djblendah 🎉

I only joined hive last year, but happy birthday to hive and all of you new and old-time hiveans out there! Looking forward to taking part in the future the community. 🕺

Happy Hive Birthday @blackzoda 🎉
You will soontm be an old-timer too 😉

Happy Birthday! 😍

Happy Hive Birthday @osavi 🎉

Happy Birthday to the hive Community 🎈🎈

Happy Hive Birthday @babstar 🎉

Thanks for mentioning this @hivebuzz. In deed Hive history started 6 years ago. It's still the most distributed, strongest, diversed, advanced blockchain community in this space. All Hivers should be proud of this achievement. Thanks for the badge and Happy 6th anniversary.

Happy Hive Birthday @pnc 🎉

I've been here for four years and a few months but Happy Birthday to our old chain (kind of, sort of).

Happy Hive Birthday @erikah 🎉

Congrattulation @hivebuzz with The Huvebuzz Team and Happy 6th Birthday to the hive Community 🎉🎉

🎵🎶 Because he's a good partner and no one can deny it 🎵🎶🎵

🎈 Happy Birthday Hive 🎉🎉

Congratulations @hivebuzz
Congratulations @arcange

Happy Hive Birthday @parauri 🎉

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happy birthday!

Happy Hive Birthday @love5200

Felicidades🎉🎉🎉 a esos pioneros de Hive...gracias por el aporte que pusieron en esté proyecto.

Feliz Hive cumpleaños @motica29 🎉

Happy Birthday!

Happy Hive Birthday @nelthari🎉

Happy Birthday Hive! Thanks for this summary, it's good to review the history. I just turned 4 years in this wonderful world and with all the setbacks here I am celebrating.
Thanks @arcange and @hivebuzz! 🚀

Six years. Wow. And yeah, no way should we forget our history on That Other Platform!

Happy Birthday to the hive Community😍😊😇

Happy Hive Birthday @anupam7337 🎉

I look forward to the next 6 years!

This is informative. Happy Hive birthday. 😃

Happy birthday Hive🥳. I joined steemit 2018, when it was very popular in Indonesia, but suddenly the price dropped, and everyone left it. I then joined Hive a few months ago, a friend gave me info about Hive and it changed my life now. @hivebuzz

Happy Birthday, Hive 🎉

As its the idea wich still stands behind hive, wich was born on that day, its in any case worth celebrating it.
Haha I am still a young chicken with my 7 months journey here. And wich was the very first posting on hive???

Thanks for throwing more light on the hive aniversary,at first I was confused seeing people celebrate second aniversary mean while myself was celebrating third anniversary.but now I think it's more clearer now with your explanation.i hope to stay here for Avery long time like the veterans

Happy birthday 🎉🎉🎉🎉

Thank you very much [email protected] Happy birthday hive

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🕵️‍♀️i like hive🗣️

I came later because I started on the 19th of January 2018, but it would be unfair to deny the existence of those times. I agree with your celebration and I also say Happy Birthday to all of us!